Chapter 15: The Dead One

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Liam started to smell smoke. The inside of the room was on fire. The smoke smelled like a mix of toxic chemicals. He heard glass shattering from the many bottles that were inside before.

The screaming stopped but the fire continued.

"Ah!" Thomas said letting go of the door heated door nob. He ran pass Liam not even noticing him then ran out of the front door.

 Liam followed him.

Thomas stopped out on the sidewalk and Liam stood beside him. Thomas didn't see Liam. They both watched as the rest of the orphanage caught on fire.

Thomas crossed the street and headed in the way of Liam's house. Liam ran after him but glimsped back at the burning orphanage.



"Scarlett! Scarlett!" Thomas yelled out as he ran towards her house.

Is this when she gets murdered?  Liam thought.

Scarlett came outside and looked at Thomas. "Did you get it?" She asked.

Thomas was crying. "No I accidentally killed him...and everyone else." He said.

Scarlett had an angry look on her face.


Liam took in a deep breath and found himself laying on the ground. He stood up and saw the boy that looked five years old. He looked afraid. He pointed to a shadow then vanished. Out of the shadows emerged a girl. It was Scarlett.

The hands on the wall all pointed to Scarlet. There was a moaning sound above Liam. He saw that the Mr.'s hand above him even dangled at Scarlett.

"Scarlett what are they doing. Why are they pointing to you." Liam asked.

"I'm here to save you." Scarlett said. "Take my hand."

Liam took her hand. Darkness sorrounded them again and he found himself to be back home in his living room. "How am I back?" He asked.

"I'm not sure. But he's not here at the moment." She said.

"Thomas?" Liam asked.

"Yes." Scarlett said.

"I saw him burn down the orphanage." Liam said.

"What? How? What else did you see?" She asked a little too fast. She inched towards Liam. She looked nervous.

Liam arched his eyebrow. "That and up to the part where you were angry because Thomas didn't get something you wanted." He said. "What did you want?"

Scarlett didn't say anything.

"Liam! Are you ready? The bus is almost here." His mom yelled out.

Liam looked at Scarlett and waited for an answer but she disappeared.


Liam got on the bus. Although he was extremely tired he didn't mind. He was happy he got to see his parents and friends again. He didn't see Ned yet but they were coming to his stop.

When they got to Ned's house and  Ned got on the bus, Liam hugged him. Ned had this "Ok weird." look on his face.

Everyone on the bus laughed and made rude comments.

Liam sat down next to Ned. "What was that about?" Ned asked, his eyes wide.

"You will never believe this." Liam said with a smirk.

* **

By the time Liam explained everything they were at school. Liam decided to go to Ned's after school.


The both of them walked to Ned's house. They decided to sit outside of the house onto the porch. "Something doesn't seem right." Ned said.

"Yeah? What?" Liam said.

"You said that the other you told you to be careful not to break the mirror or you'll be trapped right?" Ned asked.

Liam nodded.

"Wouldn't someone that wanted to take over your life wanted you out of the way?" Ned said.

Liam nodded again. "Yeah! Nothing really is making sense to me."

"And Scarlett sounds like she's hiding something." Ned said.

The wind started to blow and the sky began turning gray.

"Yeah I think so too, but I don't know what it is." Liam said.

Ned looked at Liam and arched his eyebrows. "What if she was lying to to you? What if she's the actual problem?" He said.

Liam's eyes widened. "No way! She tried to save me. I saw Thomas push her into the mirror and trap her." Liam said.

"What if he's trying to protect you." Ned said.

The idea came off as creepy to Liam and he felt sick for some reason. His stomach felt empty and he felt light headed. "I should get home." Liam said and got up.

They slapped hands and Liam started to walk away. He glanced back and saw Ned open his door and go inside. As soon as Ned was inside another person quickly ran inside and closed the door. It happened too fast. Liam couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl. He ran towards the door. It wouldn't open as he tried. Liam heard bumping noises and screams coming from both Ned and his mother.

Liam tried the back door, but it was locked. He heard Ned's mother. "Someone help! Someone help my son!" She yelled coming out the front door.

Liam ran inside and pass her. He followed the blood that led to Neds's room and went right inside. Ned's body was nailed to the wall. The word Bastard was written over his head on the wall in blood. There were pieces of glass in his faces and two large pieces of glass in both of his eyes. Blood ran down from all parts of his body. It was a brutal murder.



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