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Like my other books -dashes- mean they're thinking. But enjoy.

Natsu kicks open the guild doors. "Hey do you guys know what today is?" No one is in the guild, it's like a ghost town. "I guess everyone forgot. Nothing new, no one has ever remembered." Natsu then left the guild hall and ran home.

Mira stood up. "Woah that was a close one." "Don't need to tell me. But I can't wait to see him." Lucy said giggling. "Get down ... We don't know if it's safe yet." She got down really quick. Mira was in an iffy mood today. Probably because she stayed up all night just to make sure everything would come out at 10:00. Luckily Natsu left at 9:59.

Lucy got up like it was just another day. But it wasn't just another day, because it was. "ITS NATSU's BIRTHDAY! I can't wait for him to see the present I got him. But before I go to the guild I need to get dressed." Today Lucy wore a long yellow dress that matched her hair. Then some white flats with a necklace shaped like a heart. "Time to go get Natsu."

Lucy knocks on Natsu's door. "Hey you in there Natsu?" "Yeah what do you want?" "For you to come to the guild with me." "Nope. I won't." "Why?" "Because I don't want to go." "Come on your coming." Lucy said getting a tad bit annoyed. "If you don't let me in here I'll come in on my own. On 3, 2, 1." Lucy opens the door. She then fell on Natsu. "Uh I'm so sorry." Lucy is now blushing like crazy. "Luce you okay your face is red?" "Y-yeah I'm okay. So are you coming with me?" "Yeah let's go."

"Hey Natsu before you go in I want to give you this." "Why?" "Well it's your birthday right. I know I'm not wrong." "Well yeah but your the only one that remembered." Natsu said a little upset. "Well here just look at what I got you." "Okay." Natsu opens the box. "It's a red ring with a little clear thingy in the middle." "It's called a pearl." "Well I love it Lucy." Natsu then hugs Lucy. "Oh it was nothing." Lucy then started to blush. "At least you remembered." He said sounding disappointed. "Hey it has a..." "Oh hey Happy didn't see you there. How long have you been there?" "Just got here. I came to help Lucy out." "I was doing just fine you stupid cat." "Well Natsu open the guild doors." "Okay." He sounded a little confused.

"SURPRISE!" Everyone yelled. "So you guys did remember?" "Of course." "Now let's have a party and get drunk." Cana yelled. "Yeah she's a real man." Elfman yelled already half drunk.

"Li-Lisanna is that you?" Natsu said sounding shocked, confused, happy, and over joyed all at once. "Yes it's me. I'm back after all this time." Lisanna then runs up and hugs Natsu. "I can't believe after all this time you're here." Natsu said with a tear coming from his eye. "This is the best birthday I have ever had." "No more flirting you two, let's get this party started." Gray yelled.

After the party was over Lucy went over to Natsu so she could tell him something. But she was also a little drunk. "Hey Naaaaatsu." "Hey Luce are you drunk." "No of course not. I don't drink." "Well you need to go home so you can get some rest." "Let me tell you something." Lucy said almost falling over. "Me and Lisanna are trying to catch up." "Fine you big meanie head." She said then stuck out her tongue and stormed away. Falling a few times.

"Lisanna where did you go all this time?" Natsu asked confusingly. "I'm so sorry I left. I don't know where I went. I just know waking up this morning and found my way back to Fairy Tail." "Did you remember that it was my birthday today?" He asked desperately. "I'm sorry but I didn't know that it was your birthday until I got here. But I didn't know the date until I got here either." She said sounding really sorry. "Well when you saw the date, did you know that it was my birthday?" "Of course I could never forget your birthday. I think that's some of the reason I woke up today."

Lucy's POV
"How could he tell me to leave when I had something to tell him. It was really important and he just ignored me. But I hope I'll be at able to tell him tomorrow if I remember anything tomorrow. My guess is he'll still be hanging out with her for a long time. I just hope nothing bad comes of all this.

(The next morning)

Natsu's POV
"What happened last night I can barely remember anything?" Lisanna asked. "Natsu you're holding me." "Sh be quiet don't say anything I'm so tired." He said tiredly. "Hey Natsu I have some food and it's your favorite." "OH REALLY!" He jumped up and got so excited. But then almost stepped on Erza hugging Jellal, and Jellal hugging Erza. "I would've been dead if I woke her up by stepping on her. That was a really close miss." "Hey Natsu do you remember anything from last night?" "Not really. All I remember is that Lucy left." "Do you know why?" "No." "Hey Natsu." "Yeah." "How close are you and Lucy? Are you two going out?" "Oh no me and Lucy are just partners and best friends. Nothing more nothing less. I mean after you left she came in the picture a little while after. And she helped fill that void by being my best friend. But I never forgot about you. Why do you ask?" "No particular reason I just wanted to know." "Oh okay. So where's the food." Lisanna starts to look around. "It looks like everyone ate it all. Do you want to go out to eat?" "Of course. Not it." "Not it for what?" "Oh me and Lucy whenever we say were going out to eat, which ever one of us says not it first we don't pay the other person does. But she normally wins." "Oh that sounds like a fun game." "It is but I'll pay since you didn't know about it. But I guess it was just a reaction from you saying do you want to go out to eat." "Thanks Natsu."

Authors note:
Next week is Lucy's birthday and that's when everything will start to get deep.

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