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all my life i've been isolated
always by myself..
always alone..
ever since my parents died when i was five

so when covid hit my hometown Mared—
and everyone was supposed to be isolated.. it didn't even faze me one bit

as i spun around in my desks chair and looked up at the ceiling i got to thinking—
"maybe i should go to a real school.. maybe make some friends?"
i sighed to myself as i got up from my chair—
walking over to my bed and flopping down onto it
"nah.. it'd just be a waste"

the sound of a truck filled my ears as i sat up in bed
"the fuck?" i thought as i ran to my window and opened it to see a U-Haul truck pulling into the empty neighbors driveway
"is someone moving in?" i said to myself as i ran downstairs and opened my front door

there was three people coming out of a black camero
a woman, a man, and a boy who looked around my age
he had fluffy brown hair with white sunglasses resting at the top of his head
a dark brown leathered jacket with a baby blue t-shirt, white pants and red high top converse
"a new kid on the block huh?.. not my problem though"
i thought to myself as i shut my door behind me going back into my house

by: dnfisruiningmymind
based off the song
The Distance by Cliff Edge ft Nakamura Maiko


Three Hours Later

as i scrolled through my phone the time read 10:30 pm—
i sighed as i rolled over in bed
thinking about how slow time passes
"man this blows" i thought to myself as i got up from my sitting position
i turned around when i heard a knock at my door

i put on my light green hoodie and white mask over my face and went to open the door
and when i did i was greeted with three familiar faces

it was the neighbors from earlier

the woman holding what looked like a bowl wrapped in tin foil
"Hello!" she began to say

"Hello" i said back

"we're your new neighbors and we just came by to say hello!" said the man
"we saw your light on so we figured you were awake!"

"o-oh um, well thanks for the visit.. i'm Dream"
i said

"Why hello dream, i'm philza and this is my wife Kristen and my son george!"
he says with a smile

i looked to his side and saw this "george" boy standing looking at his phone
he didn't look up, he just stared at his phone until his dad nudged him and he finally looked up at me

"sup" he said

"hi— I'm dream"

"i'm george"

"he's handsome.." i thought
an awkward silence filled the air for a few seconds until kristen clears her throat and offers me the bowl she had in her hands
"i made some extra casserole if your hungry" she says with a gentle smile

i take it
"thank you kristen" i said

"well if you'd like maybe you can hangout with george sometime, you both look like your the same age—
maybe your parents wouldn't mind" philza says

i rubbed my neck in awkwardness as i looked at them
" i live alone.. i don't— have any parents, they died when i was five unfortunately"

"o-oh! i'm so sorry hun we didn't— " kristen began to say until i cut her off

"know? it's alright—
but thank you for the casserole, i'll enjoy it"
i said to her as i waved goodbye

philza and kristen both waved goodbye back as they began to walk away
but not george

he just stared at me for a minute then walked towards me handing me a piece of paper
i took it and saw a phone number written on it
" if you ever need a friend— or even someone to talk to—
here's my number"

i just stood there dumbfounded for a second
and when i looked up george was already walking away back to his house
i shut the door behind be placing the casserole on my counter along with the paper with georges number on it

i stared at the paper for a few minutes.. then i crumbled it up— leaving it on the counter as i went back up to my room
" i do not need anyone.. i've been doing just fine on my—"
i stopped when i looked out my window and saw george walking into his room upstairs
he was taking off his shirt

i blushed and hid under my window— taking off my mask and breathing heavily
" what.. the.. fuck.. is wrong with me" i said to myself
when i looked back up.. his light was off and i saw nothing but a pitch black room

i flopped over to my bed and just buried my face into my pillow
still blushing

"i'm just fine on my own"
i muttered

|| To be continued.. ||

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