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" The curtains."

Elena turned to looked at Cancer.

" What about them?" She asked.

" T-they moved, I swear I just saw them move," said Cancer pointing at them. They seemed to stare right back at her in an evil way.

Elena walked towards them and opened it slowly to reveal a window, outside was horrible.

Cancer saw a battlefield of red and black, monster so terrible it was better to jot describe were fighting each other.

But this wasn't war, no this was fun, they liked ripping each other's heads off and stabbing each other with swords.

Cancer put a hand to her mouth, she wished she could be back on their ship going to the different realms, everything here was too much for her. It was too much for everyone. They had all started out with easy simple tasks, now they were trapped without any escape. Trapped with the thing called hope.

" We need to keep looking, come on," said Elena but she could hardly take her eyes away from the sight, when she did she walked over to a bookshelf which had been nearby.

Cancer however walked towards the window sill and looked down. Her eyes widened and suddenly she was horrified.

She saw someone. Capricorn.

Capricorn was standing there, watching the fight happen, she had bruises and cuts all over her. Cancer pounded on the glass window with her fists and shouted but Capricorn couldn't hear, as soon as Elena saw Capricorn her eyes widened as well.

Cancer stood on the window sill.

" What are you doing?" Asked Elena.

" I'm done with this, I won't stay trapped here forever, I'm leaving and you're coming with me," said Cancer trying to open the window but it was locked.

" Cancer we can't just-

Cancer picked up a vase and she threw it at the window shattering the glass and finally Capricorn looked up. Cancer crawled out of the window and onto the roof, there was no wind thankfully otherwise it would have made Cancer lose her balance, Elena followed after her and the two were standing on the roof overlooking many things.

Many battlefields, forests so dangerous looking it made Cancer want to die on the spot so she looked away.

" So now what? We jump off the roof?" Asked Elena looking down. The fall would surely kill them but Cancer had an idea.

A crazy idea, but a good one.

" Yes," said Cancer and she took Elena's hand and before Elena could say anything Cancer jumped off dragging Elena with her. Elena screamed and cursed but when they landed they landed on the back of a huge monster. It looked like a bull but it was a dark purple ish color. It had horns and black eyes. It grabbed at the girls but they ducked and then it was basically like well riding a bull.

After a minute of two they were thrown off and landed hard on the ground, they would have been fine if not for the face that they were about to be trampled by a bull like monster.

Cancer felt for Elena's hand and found it but she knew they could never outrun this thing. They were done for.

The bull ran, closer, and closer. One second later and they would have been dead if not for Capricorn who somehow managed to find her powers again.

Cancer stared in shock as vines erupted from the ground wrapping around the bull and pulling it back. The bull struggled trying to break free but Capricorn's vines were too strong. The bull was sling shotted twenty feet into the air and when it came back down it was died from the fall.

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