Hey ! Firstly salam all people !

Okay so please read till the end !

I know its my first author's note cause i hate the author's note in stories but well its needed to be written !

So i'm going through alot of shit you can say ! But there's so much going through in my life ! I started this book when i fell ill ! And its awkward i know ! Its a story which revolve between imagination and some real facts ! And i'm getting better day by day ! But i got my eye sight weak and i need glasses to write and read ! Its so hard to write like this but i'm still writing !

So the basically i wanna say is please be patience ! I know i'm streching the story but i imagined it like this whole ! I know its going hard time on you guys cause the story is on the main point !

But right now i know i'm updating story little late ! But i need some time to clear my mind and focus on the story !

But i assure you guys ! That the story is going to be happy ending ! And thanks for your love guys :)

And pleaseeeeeeee the silent readers please speak up ! I need your feed backs guys ! Pleasee i beg !

Love you all

Your author ,
Amsal Ather Subhani :) xx

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