Chapter One!! (part one)

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Carlos Hernandez, ruggedly handsome, filthy rich (CEO of Hernandez Enterprises), independent, arrogant and born- charmer. He got ladies mesmerized with just a simple 'hello'. Women were his toys and the world his playground...

His world flipped over, that one morning. He was rushing to his office to prepare for a meeting and he was already running way behind schedule. In his rush, he ran into something or rather someone... His quick reflexes steadied them both ,and that was when he could get a good look of her... Her thick luscious red hair ran down to her waist and was pushed back with a a few pins, Her green eyes that penetrated into the depths of his soul, Her full pink glossed lips that looked so kissable and her grey pantsuit that fit every curve of her body perfectly. Everything about her drove him crazy. She cleared her throat audibly pulling him out of his thoughts. In that moment he realized that his hands were still holding her waist firmly.

"Oh, sorry," Carlos said as he slowly took his hands off her waist. For some odd reason she made him nervous and no one ever did.

"It's ok... Thank you though," she said with a bright smile as her cheeks reddened. Her voice was like music to his ears, but before he could make an attempt to hear it again, she was gone. He snapped back to reality and continued to rush to his office.

Through the meeting, Carlos could not stop thinking about the gorgeous red head he bumped into in the lobby. Those piercing green eyes, her full glossed lips, every feature of hers unforgettable, but he didn't even know her name....

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