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Dream took a sip of his water with trembling hands. He couldn't stop thinking about the siren.

That siren has a name, he reminded himself. George.

He shuddered as he remembered George's touch. As he had sailed away from the island, he remembered shaking violently, horrified by what happened, but as time passed and his nerves calmed, he found himself craving George's touch once again.

He didn't know if it was because of some sort of siren trick or his own mind. He hoped it was a siren trick.

They had sailed away and returned to an outpost where they rented a couple rooms for the night.

He and Sapnap were sharing a room with two beds, and the other three were sharing one with three beds.

The rest of the crew were downstairs getting drunk and having a good time, but Dream chose not to join them. Instead, he remained in the room he shared with Sapnap, tentatively sipping a wooden cup of water.

He bounced his leg on the floor as his mind wandered. He heard a loud thump downstairs and shook his head as he recognized the sound of a drunk pirate passing out. He dearly hoped it wasn't one of his men. That would be quite embarrassing.

A few moments later the door opened and Sapnap stumbled in. He saw Dream and smiled broadly, throwing his hands out to the side in excitement.

"Dream! My best buddly," he slurred, wrapping Dream in a massive hug. Dream gagged at the powerful smell of grog in Sapnap's breath.

"Hey man. Let's get you to sleep, huh?" He guided Sapnap to his bed and pushed him down. Sapnap yawned and rolled decisively off the bed with a thunk.

Dream rolled his eyes and guided him back up.

"Who passed out downstairs?" He asked, tucking Sapnap's thin blanket around him.

Sapnap giggled. "Sam. He lost the game," he said giddily, sticking a single foot out from underneath the blanket. He yawned again and then hiccuped aggressively, making him giggle even more.

"Dammit, what did you drink?" Dream asked angrily as Sapnap sat up and slammed his head on the wall behind him.

Sapnap laughed and shook his finger at the wall. "Oh ho ho, I see ya, I see ya," he applauded.

Dream took Sapnap's white headband off of him and set it on the nightstand. "Go to sleep, idiot."

Sapnap giggled. "Yeah, I'm tired." He plopped his head down and missed the pillow, slamming his head into the hard wooden frame.

At this, he promptly puked all over himself. Dream groaned and backed up. "I give up. Go to sleep."

He turned and walked out of the room, blowing out the candles on his way out. He didn't bother checking on the others and walked downstairs, grumbling.

He stepped over passed out sailors and shopkeepers and made his way to the bar.

"Ello Dream! Lookin for somethin strong, or somethin strong strong?" The bartender asked him, happy to see an old friend, and fully in the knowledge that Dream didn't drink often.

"I need another room, Brenda. Sapnap vomited in ours and I'm not sleeping in there."

Brenda laughed. "Not surprised. He drank his damn heart out, I'll tell you what."

Dream placed a few old rusty coins on the bar. Brenda snatched them up and inspected them briefly before stashing them away.

"Take the single room next to Sap's. A tip is always appreciated, too," she added, looking at his bulging pocket pointedly.

Dream sighed and dug around his pocket for two more coins, which he tossed on the bar where they rolled on the platform to Brenda's outstretched hand.

Dream walked to his room and opened the door to find a random guy in there, passed out on the floor next to the bed, as if he fell down just before he made it to the bed.

Dream's mouth curled as he kicked the guy lightly. The guy snorted and didn't move.

"Oi. This is my room. Out," Dream growled, lifting the guy by the back of his shirt and pushing him to the door.

The guy grunted and hit the wall hard. "Cmon man, lemme stay," he complained drunkenly and tiredly. Dream grit his teeth and pointed to the door. Seeing Dream's pissed demeanor, the guy out his hands up and hobbled out the door, mumbling drunken nonsense all the while.

Dream sat down on the uncomfortable wooden bed and sighed. He blew out his candle and put his head on the leather pillow, closing his eyes.

In his dreams, he saw George again, who called out to him. He had blood running down his head where Dream had thrown him against the wall. The injury couldn't possibly be that bad, but in Dream's dream it was awful. George seemed to be falling from somewhere, and no matter how hard Dream tried to catch him, he couldn't grip George's hand, and somewhere in the background, the siren's song was playing, the melody drifting over Dream.

Dream turned and felt a hand on his shoulder. He yelled as he flew off the cliff, landing in the water below him. He could hear the splash but couldn't feel the water. His eyes widened as he felt his cheek sting as if he had been slapped. He lashed out violently and heard a crack.

His eyes flew open and he saw Sapnap stumbling backwards, bumping into the wall, clutching his cheek. He stared at Dream with wide eyes.

"Shit, sorry man, I freaked out," Dream muttered, moving to Sapnap, realizing he had just slapped the shit out of his best friend.

"Nah, don't worry about it." Sapnap straightened himself, trying to regain his pride. "Fuck dude, I am so hungover," he laughed.

"You should have seen yourself. I gave up and let you sleep in your own puke."

"I noticed. I already got cleaned up, and also cleaned up the room after Brenda threatened to beat me with a broom," Sapnap said with a shudder. "An angry three hundred pound bartender is arguably worse than an opposing galleon," he said solemnly. Dream nodded.

"Where's everyone else?" Dream asked, holding the door open for Sapnap.

Sapnap walked out and stepped in pace with Dream. "Sam and Bad went back to the ship, and I think Ant is looking for a new cutlass."

"Why does he need a new cutlass?" Dream asked.

"He brought it with him when we went to the bar and when he woke up, it was gone. We looked for it but couldn't find it."

"Hm." Dream shrugged. It wasn't uncommon to need new cutlasses.

"What's the plan for today, Cap?" Sapnap asked, poking Dream in the rib when he said cap. He knew Dream hated being called that.

"I was thinking we could go camp out. Devil's Ridge would be a good place," Dream suggested.

"But... the sirens were at Mutineer Rock. That's just east of it," Sapnap said, cocking his head.

"Eh, we'll be fine. Sirens move around anyway. That was just unlucky."

"You sure man? You were pretty rattled yesterday," Sapnap said, slightly concerned.

"Hell yeah I'm sure. It'll be fine. Go find Ant and get back to ship. We're leaving soon."

Author's Note-

Sooooo does he want to go back because of the siren part of George, or because of George???

These islands are from Sea of Thieves and most geographical things will be.

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