The plot rhymes

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Sneak a peek,

beyond the sheets.

Lets see what happens when two on one become three.

Fifty shades of grey have nothing on me.

I will show you whips,

I will show you chains,

I give you twin di'cks,

And I will give you pain.

Readers are you ready for abit of ménage.

So you can give you c'lit a bit of a massage.

This story is going to be hot

The passion will tie you in knots

Trust me there will be a plot.

Two guys and one girl

Is enough to shake the world

Lets see how the story unfold

Click the button and away we go.

Sneak peak

I smoothed down my dress. This is it. I can do this. Behind those doors were all the people that made my high school experience a bad one. My hand skimmed over the tone flat stomach that I spent the past seven years creating. The red sweetheart dress clung to my breast. The only thing with my weight loss has been that my breast has not gone down. They seem to of gotten bigger.

I stood routed in the hall way with my name tag crooked to the side. As I looked on through the gym glass door to see them all dancing and mingling.

I wonder if they would recognise me. Hell I doubt if they remember me. I only had three friends in school. One killed themselves, the other is now a Miss from a Mister and I don't know where the third one is last I heard she was in jail.

I took a deep breath in to calm my nerves. My therapist who I pay a couple hundred an hour told me that I would be experience these types of feelings.

I took a step forward and then another one till my hand reached out to pull open the door. Before I could have a good grip on the handle, I felt myself being pulling into a different room by two strong men.

I kicked out and tried to scream, a rough hand came to cover my mouth. I was pulled back against his chest. His cologne seemed familiar to me.

My eyes were blinded by the light. It was then that I noticed him by the door. Him, or them shall I say. My tormentors from High school who followed me throughout my life.

"Max!" I yelled behind the hand that kept me quiet. I elbowed Marc behind me. I knew it to be him. These two rarely went any where without the other.

Marc removed his hand from my face caressing my cheek in that moment. I had to pull myself back from touching him, from falling into his arms.

Max blue eyes glared at me from the door. I looked around the room remembering it to be the janitors closet. He looked angry. Out of the two of them I would not like to be on Max's bad side. He always seems so dominant. So controlling. He walked towards me in his Armani suit that he ensures that I ordered for him for this reunion.

"Why are you wearing that dress?" His nose flared as his eyes raked all over my body. I felt my nipples tingle as his eyes lingered there then went down to my belly and my exposed left leg. "You want them all to see your body."

I shook my head. That is not want I want at all. I was so entranced by his eyes that I couldn't find the words to speak. I took a step back to bump into a hard chest that was Marc. His arms came around to hold me on my waist. His thumbs making little circles that I could feel on my heated skin.

Max came to stop an inch away from me. "Tell me why you came here dressing as you do?"

I felt my face become heated with the tone of his voice. I have never heard him talk like that before. Apart of me was thrilled another part of me was scared.

"Answer him darling." Marc whispered in my ear his breath fanning my cheek. He placed a kiss on my exposed neck.

"I wanted to feel sexy." I admitted. "I wanted to show them Fat Tash is gone."

Max grimace from the name that haunted me throughout high school. "I want you to show me. How sexy you feel."

He placed his hand on my chin lifting my head up so I was puckering at him. He leaned down to kiss me. I opened my mouth to accept his tongue. I groaned out loud when Marc lifted up my leg so his hand could slip around to my aching core.

"Oh brother..." Marc groaned pulling back his hand to look at his wet fingers. "She isn't wearing any panties."

Max broke the kiss looking at me darkly. "Then she needs to be punished."

End of sneak peak

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