Chapter 16

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Some spicy content ahead where you see 🔞!
If you're not of age or it makes you uncomfortable, skip from 🔞 until you see it again.

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Two weeks had passed by since Kairi had returned home from her work trip to Destiny Island. Work had been going well, but Kairi found herself feeling more and more mentally drained the further the week went on. Thankfully, it was Friday, and Kairi was finishing up her last few tasks of the day.

"Hey Kairi!" Kairi looked up to see Selphie peeking from around her cubicle. "May I come in?" She giggled.

Kairi smiled and gave her a nod. "What's up?"

Selphie stepped into Kairi's cubicle and sat on the small ottoman Kairi had brought in for storage and propping up her feet under her desk on particularly hard days. "So... When are you going to tell me about you and the PFS dev?"

Kairi blushed and turned around in her desk chair to face her fully. "I'm sorry, Selphie. I was so focused on making sure Aqua knew that I didn't really think about telling all of you."

Selphie gave her a smile and playfully smacked her arm. "Don't apologize silly! That must have been really nerve-wracking considering you both run in similar circles. I can't imagine what would have happened if someone had heard it through the grapevine instead."

Kairi bit her lip, the blackmailer immediately coming to mind. Before she had too much time to dwell on it, Selphie continued. "So? Tell me how it happened! I bet it was incredibly romantic. I mean, you were on an island! With a hot guy!"

"Shhhh..." Kairi held a finger to her lips, listening for anyone that might still be around this late on a Friday afternoon. "It was a work trip. I just happened to meet Sora while I was there."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Work-shmerk. So what happened?"

Kairi gave Selphie the revised, cliff-note version of her trip to Destiny Island and her time spent with Sora. Selphie was giddy once Kairi finished. "Long distance? That's so cute! Must be hard though, huh? I mean," Selphie leaned in close as she whispered, "no sex? That's gotta suck." She leaned back again. "I couldn't do it."

Kairi did her best not to show that what Selphie said had affected her. It wasn't like she hadn't thought about it. She and Sora had been doing a good job of keeping in contact with each other since she came back. During the week, they would talk on the phone and play Heart of Worlds when they could. On the weekends, they'd voice chat and turn on their webcams. Unfortunately, Sora and Riku had to push back their game's, Heartless, release date so that amount of communication was bound to become much less as they pushed to meet the new date.

"Yeah, but it's not everything. We have amazing emotional and mental compatibility. It's nice for everything not to be about... you know." Kairi explained. Selphie nodded along.

"That's true. Guys usually have a much harder time though. They have 'needs' or whatever." Selphie used air quotes as she continued. "I would be worried about them cheating on me because that part of the relationship was missing. But I hear that there are ways to be... intimate... without being there in person."

Selphie paused for a moment, her finger on her chin in thought. "Hmmm... Who knows? Maybe one day I'll meet someone on a tropical island, and they'll change my mind." She wiggled her eyebrows and then stood up with a sigh. "Well, I won't keep you here. I have one more thing to do for Aqua and then I am outta here."

Kairi stood up as well and started putting away her things in her bag to take home. She had a lot of thinking to do. And research to conduct, she thought. She'd take this chance to escape if Selphie was offering it up. "Have a good weekend, Selphie. See ya on Monday."

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