Chapter VI: you need directions?

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Previously on demon slayer story...

Y/N: I'm gonna go ahead. They're not gonna be waiting for us.

Tanjiro: Right, we'll be right behind you.

Y/N heads inside to see if there's any demons near the entrance just then he heard a drum beat again and looks around.

Y/N: Tanjiro, Zenitsu! We need to go no-

Just when he open the entrance his eyes was wide open as it appears to be another room.

Y/N: What!? I just stepped in and the entrance disappear?

He then opens another door and it reveals another room then he heard another drum beat again and again as the room changes.

Y/N: These rooms- no, this entire mansion... Its the demons territory!

Everything then faded to dark.


We see Y/N carrying box full of heavy rocks on his back as well as couple bags on his limbs as he struggle to pull the cart where his uncle is riding while drinking tea. Above all, struggle to breath properly on a sweaty day.

Y/N: Pant pant. When you said we're training today. Pant pant. You didn't say anything about carrying you all over the places. Pant pant. While I'm carrying a lot of heavy rocks!

Uncle: Sips his tea. What are you talking about? This is training! Your body will have to get use to the weight your carrying as your traveling.

Y/N: That still doesn't make any sense. Pant pant.

Uncle: Sips tea. This training is about speed and more importantly, jump good. Sips tea.

Y/N: Confused. Jump. Pant pant. Good? Pant

Uncle: it is a skill that you can jump higher as a rabbit without any help because soon your body will be lighter. Sips tea

Y/N: Pant. Sounds. Pant. Pretty cool. Not in a fun way though.

Uncle: Not every training is cool in a fun way. But it is how we become stronger.

Y/N: Does any other demon slayer train like this!?

Uncle: This is how we dragon breathers train. Because we need to fight how demons won't expect us how we fight. In other words, we have the unexpected surprises.

Few hours later they finally reach to their home as his uncle jumps off.

Y/N: Finally! Now I'm getting use to this now.

Uncle: Smiles. Good, then now your next training will be carrying this boulder here. Pat the boulder next to him. For the week.


Present/Memons mansion

We see Y/N running all over the mansion finding anyone alive beside the demons of course. Even with him using the blind fold he still can't see anyone because inside the mansion was covered in red crimson color like.

Y/N: Dammit, its been almost an hour and I still can't find them. Gotta find Tanjiro or at least Zenitsu. Knowing Zenitsu, he's probably staying in one room until a demon shows up.

Next thing he saw a demon that has spikes on its back and notice Y/N.

Demon: Haha! Finally a meal! Least I won't starve to death being trap here!

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