#NEW/OLD Female 

Ok, so before I was talking about having to probably introduce a new woman to Sherlock. I just thought maybe Sherlock does meet someone from his past or someone new that he may find different. 


We all must have watched A Scandal In Belgravia with Irene Alder/Dominatrix/The Whiphand. Daaamn she has soo many names XD 

At the end we saw Irene on the brink of death and nearly getting her head chopped off after sending a message to Sherlock saying; 

Goodbye Mr Holmes. 

Then we heard that awkward sound, that text alert from the background and Sherlock was there telling Irene to run, while he kicked some ass. lol. 

We never really knew where Irene went and neither did Sherlock himself, but we also saw Irene in Sherlock's mind palace in Sign Of Three.

Irene might come back in season 4 and because she is a woman impossible to deduce maybe she is THE ONE? 


I also briefly outlined in theory two, that there maybe a new female detective on the way.

I have no idea why the Christmas special is in a kind of Victorian feel, but John just looks ridiculous in that moustache and Benedict kind of hot in that top hot. #SoInThisYear/ThePast 

Maybe in this Victorian era he DOES find someone, but will that cause problems with any of his other suitors? With Molly, Irene or even Janine? 





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