" Alright guys class is dismissed, please leave your worksheets on my desk as leave and have a great weekend." Mr. Kemp called out as we began to gather our things.

I let out a sigh of relief as I picked up my English books, stood up and began to exit the classroom.

" Hey, Danni can you please stay back for a moment?" Mr. Kemp asked

I nodded and turned towards him.

" I've noticed that your grades are getting better. Keep up with the good work okay? And tell your mother and father I said hello." He said.

" Alright, thank you. Have a nice weekend Mr. Kemp" I said as I made my way towards the door again.

I took my time walking to my locker, not really in a rush to get home for my mother was probably only practicing her stupid piano again and my father was at court with his latest client or something. Upon reaching my locker I spotted Camilla, my ex best friend who exchanged her morals for an idiotic rich boyfriend and a spot in the popular crowd. I rolled my eyes shoving my books into my bag so I could hurry up and get out of the presence of the contagious stupid.

The sun greeted me as I opened the doors of the school and proceeded to follow me on the way home, creating a shadow as I walked to keep me company.

Today I walked particularly slow so I could really take in the beautiful day. It wasn't often that we had days like this where I live, or at least, for some reason, not in May. On my way to Ms. Daisy's flower shop I saw a moving truck make its way down the street. .

Is someone moving in, or moving away?

Rarely anybody moved away and absolutely nobody ever moved in. Who would want to anyway? This small town is nothing but boring. The only action we actually get is when Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson have a fight over who gets to choose which show they wanna watch on the television that night, otherwise everything is drama free.

I reached the flower shop and greeted Mrs. Daisy with a simple hello.

" So what brings you to my shop today darling?" She asks me.

" I'm not sure, I guess I just don't wanna go home right away today. Dad's not home and I really don't wanna listen to mama play her piano anymore." I replied.

" Well she has to practice you know. She's going on tour soon and she has to make sure everything is just right so she can please her audience." Mrs. Daisy said, clipping the stems of some of the flowers and putting them into a vase, then walking over to the display table and placing them upon the table.

discretely, I roll my eyes and sat down on a nearby stool." Yeah I know. Do have anything I can do for you today?"

"Hmmm. Well you live near the Anderson park right?" She asked.

" Yes I do."

" Well I'll pay you twenty dollars to make a delivery of three bouquets to these addresses." She offered pulling out an index card and handing it to me.

" Sure."

She then handed me a small orange envelope filled with what I assumed to be the money and gave me a basket to carry the small bouquets in.

- - - - -

After delivering the flowers I decided it was best that I head home seeing as it was almost dinner time. I could hear music playing from down the street and I could only assume it was my mother practicing probably for the one hundredth time today. Walking towards my house I saw the moving truck parked in front of the house right next to mine. Instead of going straight inside like I had planned to, I waited a little while outside on my porch watching as men went in and out of the house carrying boxes.

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