The voice from beneath the rubble.

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.The voice from beneath the rubble.

A splash of red lipstick finished the look! “Looking good Kate” I sniggered as I stared back at my mirror image and puckered up my lips.   I kicked on my heels and hurriedly threw on my stylish black overcoat.  It was 8 am on Tuesday morning and I had a meeting to attend in the city. I couldn’t afford to be late!

 I hurriedly locked the door to my little house in Canterbury and sped out into the icy winter air.

 What a magnificent day I thought to myself in awe as I peered up at the blue indigo sky. I breathed in deeply and sighed with appreciation, closing my eyes tightly to breathe in the fresh wintery breeze.

 “I’m so blessed to live in such a vibrant and beautiful city” I thought to myself quietly. The wheels of the bus screeched to a halt and I clambered up onto the platform.

 “To the city please” I instructed the bus driver. I passed him my last pieces of loose change and quietly seated myself in the front row of the bus.

 Ten minutes later and the bus came to a halt. “The city Mamm” came the bus driver’s raspy voice “have a nice day” he continued. I hopped off energetically and skipped into hectic city life. Eight fifteen am and I still had time for a quick coffee!

“Hmmm” I questioned myself, “Espresso or Gianni’s? Espresso or Gianni’s? I eventually opted for Espresso which was just across the road and I slumped into the comfort of their funky crimson leather sofa.

 “Latté for one please” I briskly but politely ordered the blonde skinny waitress, I took out my I- pad and began to check my daily e- mails from work.

 Then, out of the blue a loud shudder…I froze in my seat, another Shudder …I froze again.  I looked fearfully around the cafe to scan the situation. It was a powerful earthquake and panic erupted within a matter of seconds.

.I ran out of the café, leaving my I-pad behind as the walls of the city started to crumble around me. “This couldn’t be happening could it”?  I questioned myself as I ran hurriedly down the street and into path of the panic stricken pedestrians.

 Then an eerie quietness … Darkness proceeded …I think I was knocked out for a minute or so.

 I regained awareness, spluttering and coughing the dust away from my blood tasting mouth... I was alive.

 Darkness filled the cramped space that I was trapped in. I could vividly hear the ringing from the ambulance sirens, so loud and animated, but I couldn’t see a thing .I was afraid and confused what the hell should I do next?

“Help me”! I hollered, “Please help me” I shouted fearfully. I cried and cried  for what seemed like hours, my throat raw from my continuous yelling, then out of the blackness a voice, a mans voice from beneath me in the rubble.

 “Hi There I’m Sam” came the mans softly spoken voice, “I’m trapped too” he whimpered! “I think I have broken my legs.”

 “Oh no” I replied worryingly “My name is Kate, Kate Barman, I’m pleased to meet you Sam, but not in these circumstances I’m sure”.

 I tried to move position in the tiny space that imprisoned me.   Pain seared through my legs as I twisted my shattered body and tried to catch a glimpse of Sam through the tiny cracks that separated our beings. No such luck, I was well and truly entombed.

 “Please stay awake and don’t fall asleep Sam” I pleaded, “the rescuers are close by and will find us shortly I’m sure.  Keep shouting out, we are certain to be heard in the end”.