Chapter ???: GAME OVER

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Red covered the entire screen.


The words flashed across the screen as you see your character looking defeated, lying on the ground. You throw the controller onto the bed in a frustrated manner and lay back on the bean bag.

What are you even doing here?

Reluctantly, your hand slid towards the controller and clutched it, your body forcefully sitting back up. You relied on muscle memory alone having done this more time than you can count as the game returns to the title screen.

A knock erupts from your apartment door and you shout a "Come in!".

"Looks like you've been busy." Your friend smirked, crossing their arms as they nodded towards the computer. Alright smartass.

"Shut the fuck up Sunny," You huffed, rising to your feet to properly greet them. "It's your stupid game I'm beta testing ya know?"

They chuckled at this, placing down their bag. "Well thank you for that my dear Y/N!" Sunny said, tossing a Snickers your way. You clumsily catch the candy bar and smacked their head with it, to which they wince.

"Okay okay, geez you're welcome for the snickers." Sunny pouted, swatting away your hand. You munch on the snickers bars as they mess with the game program.

"So, how's the game?" They asked, starting the conversation for you (thankfully).

"It's alright but the starting levels are so weak, I ALMOST DIED IN THE FIRST ROUND! Plus there are so many cutscenes where a pillar is supposed to fight despite their secrecy??" You listed all of the other bugs you experienced, the gameplay and your opinion on the demo.

"And I think we should have an option to marry Uzui's wives and Michael Jackson and-" Your friend interrupted you by shoving the candy bar in your mouth again.

"Alright I get it, but this is literally still the demo, we're just working out the quirks. The storyline is still outta place though and I need to get back to Calvin on the cutscenes." They smashed the enter button, worrying you that your keyboard will eventually break and a pop up appeared on the screen.

"What, what is this. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY BABY??" You screamed, hugging your computer like someone who hasn't seen the light of day.

"Relaxxxx, we're giving out the demo to other people now so you can take a break from that. We have other games in the making that I need you to try though. Like this Legend Of Korra one, oh that's my favourite. We have an upcoming Genshin one and some other neat stuff I'm sure you'll like." Sunny rambled again, patting your back.

They retreat into your walk in closet and come out with some clothes, throwing a specific outfit at your face.

"And what's this for?? Sunny, I didn't know we had plans-"

"Put em on, quickly now. I'm driving you to that fancy restaurant for your date remember? MOVE!" You didn't need to think twice before putting on the outfit and rushing to the front door.

Sunny faked a sob, rubbing against your arm. "My baby is growing up!" They cried, wiping away a fake tear before you both chuckle.

"Go ahead Y/N, I'll help you lock up, I just need a moment."

You nodded your head, silly Sunny, always needing a moment. You didn't object as you walked away from the door and headed to the elevator.

Alone Sunny stood at the door frame, staring at something.

Oh, I see.

Sunny is staring at you. Not the reader in this chapter nor the one of this book. Sunny is staring at you, the one beyond the screen. The one who chose this book. The one who stuck around.

The one they owe a final goodbye.

They waved a hand at you gently, a cheery smile stretching across their face as they clutched their bag.

"Goodbye, my wonderful readers." They said as the door seemed to slowly close on their own.

"And I'm sorry."

With their final words lost in the wind, the door was locked shut. The light of the room quickly fading to dark, marking the end.

The end of this book.


Take care, dear reader.

Take care from the narrator's voice in your head and take care from the author :]

Take care from the narrator's voice in your head and take care from the author :]

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Author signing out from this book for the last time. I'm still gonna write in my other books so I hope I'll still see some of you guys there :D

To be Continued...
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