Part 22

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When Sanzu set you down on his bed you could help but see that women in the same bed causing you to internally barf.

Sanzu tried to lay you down in the middle but you were not having it you instantly got on his side and made him sleep in the middle.

"Why are you up babe" Emi (the evil women) said sleepily.

"Oh Haruka had a bad dream so she's going to be sleeping in here" he said while pulling the blanket.

"You shouldn't spoil her you know otherwise she won't learn independents" Emi said while you got worried.

"It's fine she's only 3" Sanzu said

"I'm just saying" she said falling back asleep. But what she said made you hold for dear life on Sanzu's shirt afraid he might take you back to your room. But eventually you fell asleep


The next morning you woke up in your room confusing you. You instantly got up and ran to see if Sanzu was still home but he wasn't.

You ran around looking for someone when you saw a familiar faces. Your eyes instantly light up as you ran to Kokonoi and Takeomi who were sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee.

"Mama Koko" you yelled excitedly as you basically tackled Kokonoi with a hug.

"Hi princess" he said smiling while Takeomi just felt jealous

"Kokonoi quite hogging her" he said as he grabbed you from him and hugged you while you giggled.

"Guess what Y/n?" Kokonoi said

"What" you asked

"We are taking you to the aquarium today" he said while you eyes light up and you ran outside to there car's so you could go already.

"Open" you yelled happily at Kokonoi you was trying to catch up to you.

(I'm to lazy to talk about the aquarium just know Y/n had fun)

When you got back home from the aquarium Sanzu was home with a huge grin on his face calling you over to where him and Emi were seated.

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