Emma's P.O.V
"So what happened love" Niall asked when we got back to the tour bus.
"I don't really know, I felt unwanted and I just felt like running away I was ruining this hole thing for all of you. I think I tripped and landed next to a log .. But I'm not sure it's all a blur, all I know is I was cold, hungry and I can't feel my ankle." the moment I said that I regretted it.

"Your hungry! Well we can't let you go hungry can we, what would you like love?"
I thought about it, I could really think of much all I know is that if I didn't make my mind up soon Niall would be choosing for me.
"Are you still there" Niall waved his hand in front of my face while laughing.
I giggled and nodded.
"I'll choose for you, go take a shower, and get some warm pajamas on"
"But I can't put pressure on my ankle how am I meant to shower" I had a point I wasn't implying he showered with me just how am I meant to, I can't even walk.
I heard footsteps running towards us.
"What happened! Is everything okay!?"
"So Lou, Emma has really badly injured her ankle and she doesn't know how she is going to shower.. So I was going to ask you" I just sat there awkwardly.
"Well Emma do you want me to shower you, as I'm your brother and all?" Was he being serious, no way was he seeing me naked brother or not.. That is not happening.
"I'd prefer not to if I'm honest" I put my head down.
"What if you wear a bikini or swimsuit, then I can help you out" that was a better option.
"Yeah that would be okay"
"I'll give you a piggy back ride to the bathroom get you your swimmers and you can get changed, then knock on the door when your ready"

I did as I was told and went to the shower, I sat on the seat for a good five minutes thinking about everything and trying to let it all sink in .. These five guys had turned up at my school to tell me I am Louis sister.. I was shocked no doubt about that, I still remember the way my body was shaking when I hugged Louis, I didn't want to let go. I heard Lou knock on the door "you ready" "yep" he slowly walked in. Wearing his bathing trunks.
"Okay I'll help you up, This is going to be hard as it's a small shower but we can try"
I balanced on Lou as he put shampoo in my hair. I started to think about everything that was going on at the moment.
I snapped back to reality when the water suddenly went freezing.
"GOD DAMMIT" I scream in shock, I tried to find the switch to turn the shower off but in the process I managed to knock every bottle of hair gel, shampoo and conditioner on the floor which ended up landing on my feet. When I finally turned it off I hear a loud knock on the door.
"Ehh, yeah?!" I asked.
"You okay in there guys"
"Yeah thanks Niall,the water just went freezing for a second, that's all" Louis said.
"Oh alright, sounded like there was a heard of elephants in there with you that's all"
We both laughed.
When all of a sudden I feel to the ground with my eye stinging like heel because I had managed to get shampoo in it.
I broke down crying in the middle of the shower floor, maybe because I hadn't had my medicine or the letter or just the fact that I feel like a burden on this bus, with these boys.
"Hey, Emma don't cry, no, that isn't what I want to see" Louis had crouched down next to me with all the bottles surrounding us as we looked like complete idiots sitting on a single shower's floor.
"What's going on Emma" Louis rubbed my back.
"I just I can't do this, I feel like a burden to you all and I'm so useless around her and I got a message from my step mum and I also got loads of problems with my mood swings because I forgot my medicine and I can't seem to get my life together, I've now really hurt my ankle, you and Niall are going to get in trouble for missing a concert and that is all because of me" I just cried and cried and cried.
"Okay, let's get you out of the shower, and we can talk okay?"
"Okay" I mumbled.
Louis carefully rinsed out the shampoo and applied my conditioner then supported me while I washed my body.

We were all sat down on the couch me with my foot propped up with some ice on it.
"So Emma what message are you on about can I see it please.?" Louis asked in a sweet tone. I then realized I didn't have my phone.. As I had dropped it in the woods.
"I would but I can't-"
"Don't be like that just show me don't worry"
"No I really would.. I can't Louis I lost my phone last night"
"Oh Niall has it, we rang it and a man answered and told us where he found it and we went to get it back and ask where he had last seen you"
Niall nodded "yeah it's in my pocket".
He managed to pull it out and I unlocked it and went to find the message.

Once I found it I showed it to Louis and Niall and they both stared at the screen in pure shock.
"So she thinks that it's a walk in the park to get to a famous boy bands your bus??"
"I guess so, I mean I don't know isn't it"
"Oh Emma if it was that easy we would not be aloud to stay in them, I mean think about it we have security everywhere and no one has ever managed to step foot in this bus without us giving permission.. Or this would all get out of hand" The way Louis said that reassured me a little but I had lived with this woman for a long time and she wouldn't stop at anything to get me, well not me but my money.
"You do realize we all have security including you.. This bus is hardly possible to get into, that's what it is here for to keep people from getting to us and end up harming us" Niall laughed.
"Don't worry Emma, we are here at all times anyway and you do have security on you when your not on the bus,so there is no way"
I smiled at them both and began to realize that it was good that it was a famous boy band as it's probably the safest place for me to be under and area that is being guarded so carefully.
"Thank you guys, but your both going to get in major trouble for missing the concert" I sighed as I realized yet again I had caused that to happen.
"We can work around it"
"Do you want to watch a film then?"
"Sure that would be nice,do we have any freezing cream, by any chance?"
I didn't want to bother them but my ankle was really painful.
"Sure .. I'll go get it, well I'll go check if we have some first"
Niall walked away to the little first aid kit they had on the bus.
"Emma you know I won't let her get you,not while I'm still here" he scooted over to my side and rapped his arm around my shoulders carefully trying not to knock my ankle to badly.
He proceeded on placing a kiss on my temple and I just payed there safe in my brothers arms.

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