Olivier Giroud <3 <3

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  • Dedicated to OLIVIER GIROUD

I had a dream last night..

I dreamt us together!

I know not what place or what weather..

but I heard you whisper the word ' Forever'

We stood there holding hands

I was wearing a veil..

Yes! another one of my fairy tales.

The day dawned..

The dream faded away..

Your thoughts make mt heart sway

You make me smile 

Your name gives me butterflies.

I have never met you

but I talk to the pictures of you.

I drool at them all the time!

I cant have you..

and still you are Mine <3

You are my celebrity crush

My unrequitted Love.

On my dress I have your name.

Everywhere in the house I have your frame.

I scream the loudest when you score!!

Scare everyone around at your every goal.

I become so overwhelmed , So Ecstatic

Call me obsessed , Call me Crazy

but thats how it is

& so much for someone

who'd probably never notice :( 

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