The Meddling Mister Lupin

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Here We Go Again

Chapter 17: The Meddling Mister Lupin

POV: Dominique

Knock. Knock.


Knock. Knock.

The knocking on my door had been happening for over an hour now. It shifted from soft, resigned, angry, to fully pissed off. It was kind of a cycle, really, and it was quite amusing for me to hear the emotions swerve. When it hit the rage point of the cycle, I was threatened with having the door bombarded open, kicked down, apparating inside, going to the backyard and scaling up the wall to crawl through my window, steal Uncle Harry's old house-elf to bring himself in, and going as far as to threaten me with singing the newest Celestina Warbeck song if I didn't open up.


Right now, the cycle had gained a frustrated point to it. Frustration that I was not going to ease. "Go away, Blondie," I shouted at the door as I continue to stare at the ceiling of my bedroom, my back pressed to the mattress and my belly protruding out like a mountain.

There was a strand of beautifully mumbled curse words. "Please?"

I rolled my eyes. Like that would ever work. "I'm sorry, but Dominique Weasley is currently not available. She finds herself being a disgrace to the family as she continues to open her legs for Slytherin scum. If you wish to do so, please leave a message after the beep."

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"BEEP!" I shouted through the rough knocking.

There were more curse words. And then, surprising me, there was a loud, "—Alohomora!"

And just like in those muggle action films Molly loves to make me sit through with her, I sprung up from my mattress in a second. And in the next, my wand was out and being pointed at the person now inside my bedroom.

"Did you not hear?!" I crouched down, by some divine miracle because this belly didn't even let me see my toes. "I'm currently not available!"

Louis scoffed at me.

Glaring, I stood back into full height and marched over to him. My wand was still pointed forward, and it was now currently jamming into the tender skin of his neck. "Get out!"

"Lower your wand," he hissed. "I'm trying to talk to you here, you barbarian."

It was my turn to scoff.

"Seriously, Dom," he was back to being frustrated. "Remove your wand. If it leaves a mark, Coral might think I'm cheating on her and she'll murder me. You know how she gets!"

I jabbed my wand-tip harder into his skin; twisting it slightly.

"Bitch." I smirked as he turned in an angle, making my wand just scrape more on the skin of his neck. "Mum!" He shouted out the open door of my bedroom.

How did we get to this point you ask?


Earlier that morning I informed our parents that I'd be going on an outing with Derrick Rowle—my baby's daddy—just to take a stroll around a few shops to buy some things for the extra twenty pounds in my womb. Mum and Dad looked hesitant to let me out with Rowle, but then my dear brother pointed out that they shouldn't be worried about me spending alone time with Rowle; after all, I had already lost my pureness and was already going to hell for my sins.

Explains why I want to kill him, doesn't it? He just keeps adding fuel to the fire. Dad had gone into a rampage about my future with Rowle again, just making me lose my want for that second batch of pancakes Mum had made me.

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