10 Marbles Only ( PT. 1 )

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꒻꒤ꇙ꓄ ꋬ ꍌꋬꂵꏂ
Sae-byeok POV
I soon wake up just to realize we were being taken away by gaurds to go to the next game. One of them pulled my arm making me get off my bed, I tried to get out of the masked persons grip but they then put a gun to my head so I just gave up trying.
I looked over to see Y/N getting taken away by some guards to, "Fuck these guards" I mumbled under my breath.
We were led to the same white room where the tug of what place began, then that voice played again.
"Hello everyone and welcome to the 4th game! You will have 10 minutes to find a partner, good luck"
I was confused on why we could only play with one more person since every other game has been with teams.
I soon realized that this was a betrayal game meaning that only one person can live.
"Hey wanna be partners?" Y/N asked as she walked up to me. I pulled her to the sidelines and whispered to her,
"Listen to me Y/N, this game is about betrayal meaning only one person can make it out alive, so what your gonna need to do is find someone who you think will lose. Got it?" I said, she replied with a head nod and went off to find someone else.
I only had five more minutes to pick a partner, and that's when I spot Ji-yeong on the staircase without a partner also.
I shrugged,
" Well she is the only one left.." I mumbled to myself. I walked up the staircase to get to her and once I finally did I reached my hand out.
She looked up in confusion,
"You need something?" She asked, clearly confused.
"Wanna be partners?" I replied. I actually made it sound more like a 'you have to' tone, instead of an 'option' tone.
She sat up,
"Fine, I guess" she put her hand out shaking it with mine making us players for the game.
We were led into the game area, it looked like a run down alley way or neighborhood.
"Hello players, you will have 30 minutes to take all your marbles away from your partner. You were both given a stack of 10 marbles, you may play any game you'd like but please make it fair. And with that, let the games begin!"
And so the games started..


ok y'all here's pt 1 for the marbles game and tbh that episode broke me

but anyways I think I'm gonna write a new story and sorry not about squid game but maze runner since I have gotten quite obsessed with it and the story might be called lonely and it will definitely be a aris fanfic if I make one can I don't see a lot of fanfics of him and it makes me quite sad since he's my fav character

anyways tysm y'all for 12k views!!

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