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Only two more miles till I'm home ! Yay , it's been a week since I have been home . I've been visiting my family back in the U.S .

I was suppose I be there for another week but Niall's mom got sick so I decided to came back and help out .

I can't wait to see Niall , I hope he has missed me as much as I've missed him.

I walk upto the door of mine and Niall's flat and take out my keys and unlock the door .

I walk inside and see wine glasses on the living room table . What the Hell ? I walk I've to examine the glasses and see a lipstick print on one of them .

And then it hit me...Niall's cheating on me . I sat down on the couch and put my hands on my face and began to cry . Why would he do this ?

He's not that kind of person. I stand up and start walking down the hall . I see a trail of clothes leading to my bed room and so I follow them .

I slowly walk up to the door and open it . There I see Niall and some girl sleeping .

He is holding her like he used to hold me...tears began to form once more. There holding hands. I walk over to my drawers and began to talk out my clothes and pack all of my belongings .

Right as I'm walking out of the room I accidentally knock over something. I walk faster and faster to the front door " HANNAH ! WAIT ! " Niall crocks. But I just keep walking .

I suddenly feel I strong hand wrap around my wrist , I pull away and run to my car " Will you please let me explain Hannah" I slammed my car door shut and turned to him

" Let you explain ? I don't really need an explanation Niall . I saw what happened . You CHEATED on me.." I spat at him. All I wanna do is run away and cry . I fell so lied to right now

" I was drunk ! You have no IDEA how sorry I am ! I LOVE you Hannah , I always have and I always will !" I can see he started to cry also .

But anyways ...he has never said he loved me before ..." Oh really ? " he nodded his head and ran up to me " I do I really do ever since we first met !" right then my lips collide with his " I..I love you too Niall "

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