Chapter 2 first conversation

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Daily after midnight, it's the sound of baby's cry I could hear. It has already been more than 7 days, I have never heard any man's voice.

I was getting frustrated by the baby's cry. I was thinking of knocking on their doors and scolding that lady, but then I felt it was not that lady's fault though.

I wonder how she became a mom at such young age, but strange, I haven't seen her family and husband.

Well, I don't mind. I am enjoying my single life in this 1BHK rented room.

The next morning, I was getting off to my office, as I was just locking my door. When this young lady came out of her home, with her baby around her left arm and neck, while holding a lock on her other hand.

She noticed me and without any introduction,
"Sir, can you hold her for a second"
She came near me and rolled the baby in both hands it looked so delicate, little eyes, little nose, small tiny fingers, her face buried under the clothes around her. I couldn't hold her properly. I was little bit scared to hold that baby.

And Did she just say sir, although I am wearing formal clothes that doesn't mean you will call me that. But, whatever you call I am okay!

"So cute .." naturally came out of my mouth,

I looked at the young lady, who went inside her home for a second and came out with a handbag. Locked her house doors and came near me to take the child from my hands. I slowly passed it to her.

" thank you, sir," she said with a cute smile on her face.

" it's okay, no problem, are you new here" I looked at her.

Well, she wore decent clothes, a scarf around her neck, she has beautiful eyes. And her smile was very alluring.

"yes, we shifted here last week " she smiled at me.

" what's your name? " I asked

" Oh, I am so sorry sir! I didn't introduce myself, I am Janhvi"

"Nice to meet you, I am Abhishek "

" very nice to meet you, sir"

We both smiled at each other. I wanted to ask "where is her husband" and "what about your family", I just let it be, looking at her beautiful smile.

She looks so young, got married, and has given birth to a baby. Me on the other hand still going on blind dates to find best for me.
How boring. Better i remain single forever

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