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Skyler's POV

    I open my eyes to come face to face with a sleeping Robert. His legs and arms spread out all over the sofa while his mouth hung open drool dripping out.

    'Hey I think someone is drooling' my fox, Snow says amusement clear in her voice

    I chuckle and hop off the sofa. I stretch out my aching muscles and yawn. No one is awake yet, oh well, I thought as I walk through the dog door.

    I jogg deeper into the woods and shift into my regular size. For a moment, I just stand there enjoying the wind sweeping scents towards my nose.

    I feel Snow start getting edgy.

    'What's wrong?'

    'I don't know, something's not right'

    Curious, I walk further into the woods. Sniffing the air, I caught a faint scent of werewolves.

    'At least we didn't cross the border, we should be fine'

    'You should've looked where you were going' she replied smugly

    Confused, I stop and sniff the air again and froze. I crossed the border and I'm not joking here I literally crossed the border. Shit

    Suddenly,twigs snapping nearby caught my attention. Few growls vibrated through the air.

    Two wolves emerge from the nearby bushes. One is dark brown with green eyes and has power radiating off of him not that much probably a beta. The other is a light gray with golden eyes.

    At the sight of me, they froze and stared wide eyed. Their eyes glaze over and I know they are mind linking.

    After their little chit chat they plunk their furry butt down and stare curiosity burning in their eyes.

    I cock my own head. I turn around and slowly back away from them. I sigh as I step back over the border. Never once did their eyes leave me.

    I turn around and started running back towards my house. Making sure no one's around I shift into my little size.

Josh's POV

    'Cmon lets go for a run' I mind link Luke. To be honest I'm bored out of my mind right now and a run sounds exciting for some reason.


    We took off our shorts and start racing through the trees. Near the border an unfamiliar scent drift toward us. I stop and sniff

    'What is that?' I ask

    'I don't know lets go check it out'

    We growl when we notice the scent is in the territory. I step out and Luke soon follows. What we see in front of us is unbelievable

    There standing there is a huge oh scratch that, a GIGANTIC pure white fox. Its blue eyes stare back at us waiting to see if we are going to make a move

    'Holy...' Luke started

    'I know.....'

    We sat down and stare at it. White foxes are thought to be extinct but until now I didn't give a crap about it

    The fox cock its head and slowly back away from us. When it crosses the border it turns around swiftly and sprints away. We just sit there dumbfounded

    'Cmon the Alpha has to know 'bout this' Luke says getting excited

    I nod and we ran back to the pack house. We race up the stairs toward the Alpha's office.

    We barge in not bother knocking.

    "Have you guys ever heard of knocking?" Austin sighs exasperated

    "Whatever, you will never believe what we saw in the woods today!" I said

    "Yea! It was very huge like the size of us in wolf form" Luke jutts in

    Austin just stares at us clearly looking confused "What?"

    "A fox! Its coat was pure white with blue eyes" Luke says eyes wide

    I nod "It went past the border but when we arrived it looked at us and ran back across the border"

    Austin stares at us "You know they are extinct right?"

    "No you didn't see it, it was huge and not just a regular size fox either," Luke says

    He shakes his head amused "Riiiiiight well I don't believe it until I see it. Now out I've got lots to do"

    I sigh and walk out.

    "Why won't he believe us?" says Luke clearly annoyed

    I shrug and walk downstairs heading towards the kitchen. I grab a bowl of parfait and started eating. What? You can't blame me I have a huge appetite you know

    Luke walks in, looking at me and raising a brow


    He chuckles "Haven't you ever heard of not talking with your mouth full before everything in it spill out?"

    I give him a glare and went back to my parfait. He smirks shaking his head and walks into the living room.

    I hear a scream and immediately runs into the living room to see what happened.


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