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"Um get your ass up, and help us help you move!" My brother Jordan said hitting me with a pillow.

"Hey! You made me drop my Klondike bar." I pouted.

"I'm about to drop your ass if you don't get off of it and do something." He said.

"Ugh I hate moving!" I groaned.

"Then why the hell are you moving?" Jordan asked.

"Because I feel like it's time for me to move into a house." I said picking up a box.

"Well then act like you're ready to move into a house." My brother playfully scolded me.

"Don't I have a box in my hands?" I asked raising a brow at him.


"That's the last box!" My brother let out a huff.

"Finally!" I sigh.

"I'm glad you got movers to move your furniture, who knows how long it would've taken us!" My brother said.

"We can take a break and unpack a little." I said.

"Oh no! I helped you put this shit in here you're gonna have to unpack a little by yourself." My brother said quickly getting up from my couch.

"Why can't you live with me!" I whined.

"I'm at your place all the time." He said.

"Exactly! Why not just live with me?" I asked.

"Because I need a place of my own. And a place to get away from you." He said walking towards the front door.

"I guess." I mutter

"I'll be over tomorrow and help you unpack and I'll bring my friend.....patron." I burst into laughter because only he would refer his favorite liquor as a friend.

"That means we'll get nothing done." I said.

"That's the idea." He nudged me and walked out the door.


"I don't want another pretty face I don't want just anyone to hold I don't want my love to go to waste I want you and your beautiful-" my door bell rung cutting off my horrible singing.

That must be Jordan, he probably forgot something.

"Hey Jordan forge- oh hi?" I said awkwardly to the couple that were on my porch.

"Hi! My name is Michelle and this is my husband Will, we saw you had just moved over and we wanted to say hi. Hi!" She giggled. Oh boy. I looked at her husband and he was very attractive even with the annoyed look on his face and strangely it was the sexiest annoyed face I had ever seen. I can think that right? he's married but I'm not trying to jump his bones although that would be nice. Stop!

"Hi, I'm Camilla Williams." I said with a bored tone.

"So....where's your husband? I could've sworn I saw a man with you." She says looking behind me.

"My husband? No you must've seen Jordan he's my brother and he's gay." I said, I thought it was always in the movies that annoying neighbors existed but i stand corrected because here was one standing on my front porch, while her husband looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here.

"Oh hahaha! My mistake then." She overly laughs. I want to roll my eyes but i refrain.

"Um...would you like to come in?" I asked.

"Ye-" Will, her husband had cut her off.

"I have to go to the university sweetie." He sighed.

"Oh I forgot." She chuckled.

"You're in college?" I asked.

"No, I'm a psychology professor." He smiled, for the first time l, and I can't help but smile too.

"Uh, what do you do Camilla?" She asked after the long pause.

"Oh I'm a physical therapist."I said.

"Oh well we'll be off....oh and Camilla welcome to the neighborhood!" She chirped, this bitch gone work my nerves. I had thought to myself.


"So how ya loving the neighborhood?" My best friend Vanessa asked.

"I like it, it's quiet for the city." I said plopping on my bed.

"And the neighbors?" She asked taking selfies of herself.

"There's this one couple that lives next door, the husband doesn't look happy with his marriage." I said.

"Oh those will be the worst neighbors, they'll argue and get you involved in their shit." She said dramatically rolling her eyes.

"Weren't you and Tim like that to me when I moved into my first apartment?" I asked laughing.

My doorbell rung.

"I'll get it! It might be the pizza guy, I'm gonna try to get it for free with these lovely tits of mine." She says fixing her top.

"Don't flash him like you did the last pizza guy!" I whine.

"Hey! We ate for free right? And I won't flash the pizza guy.....this time." She said running down the stairs.

"Camilla this isn't the pizza guy!" Vanessa yelled from downstairs, I skipped down the stairs and was surprised to see Will there.

"Oh hi Will....can I help you?" I asked confused as to why he was here.

"Uh hi Will! Camilla who's Will?" Vanessa asked looking at Will up and down.

"He's my neighbor." I said brushing my fingers through my hair.

"The unhappy married guy? You never told me he was fine as hell." She said not taking her eyes off of him, she was openly eye raping him without a care in the world.

"Excuse me?" Will asked, raising both eyebrows.

"I-I said y-you looked unhappy with your marriage!" I defended.

"Excuse me!" He asked louder.

"It sounds b-bad but oh I-I'm s-sorry it's just that you looked unhappy with your wife an-and in-" I was cut off.

"Tim what the fuck you want!?" Vanessa asked loudly on her phone.

"T-Tim you bet not touch my shit!" She screamed!

"I'll staple ya balls to yo forehead!" She quickly hung up.

"Um Cam, I gotta situation that I need to take care of. I gotta go." She said quickly getting her purse.

"But what about the pizza?" I asked.

"Share it with Will. Oh and Will if you're unhappy with your marriage Camilla has my number." She winked and exited my house, just as the pizza guy showed up, I paid for the food.



"She usually calls." Will said taking a bite out of his pizza.

"Oh well she didn't come by here." I said taking a bite out of mine as well. Will came by to see if I had seen his wife, which I hadn't.

"So I look unhappy with my marriage?" Will asked after a moment of silence.

"I-I'm so sorry W-Will." I stuttered.

"It's okay." He said.

"To be honest you do." I said.

"To be honest with you, you're right." He said.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter xx

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