14| Blackout

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It was raining like fucking cats and dogs

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It was raining like fucking cats and dogs. Thunder roared in the background. My little girl tried to ignore it as she moved around, cleaning her saddle, but I could see her jump a little at each crack of lighting.

Yesterday, it was pretty good, she took a dressage- I think that's what it was called- class and got first. Me, Gavin and Jake were the loudest ones in the arena.

She just looks so pretty doinf what she loves, and that fucking horse- I never thought I could trust an animal, cause man, Sofia was so fucking little, she was almost nonverbal when she mounted. But she still did it.

When she was cleaning up after, and only her and I were in the barn, she had her paci in her mouth, sucking away as she did her think, and I was perfectly happy just watching her move around, a little skip in her step from her perfect mood.

But today she seemed a little tense, frightened. I know the weather wasn't helping.

Like fuck, it was down pouring so hard, everything was hitting against each other. The wind was so hard, and it was super dark outside.

I walked up to her once I heard her whimper, wrapping my arms around her and kissed her forehead. "You're okay baby."

"Loki- he's pacing in his stall, and the weather is so scary- and I can't this stupid mark off my saddle." She hiccuped at the end and pushed her head into my chest.

"It's going to be okay princess. Loki knows how to take care of you. You can do this. Let me help you too, you don't need to be calling anything stupid."

"Sorry." She mumbled and passed me the rag.

"Why don't you go check in Loki and try to calm him."

"Okay." She sighed and turned around, walking off to the stall. Unlike the last show, this was a fully enclosed barn, so there was no bad weather inside, but could still very much hear it from outside.

I finished cleaning off her saddle then covered it back up, just as Gavin and Jake came him, soaked head to toe, pulling down their hoods. "Shit it's bad out there."

"Shut up, she's already spiralling." I hissed.

"Should she be riding? It looks bad." Jake asked.

"They never called it off. People are in a division right now." I shrugged, "it's up to her if she doesn't want to ride but she said she does."

"Daddy! I have to start getting ready now!" My princess said to me, running too in panic, I grabbed her forearms quickly.

"No running." I mumbled.

"Sorry- hi Gavin, hi JJ!" She smiled. "I'm going to get Loki."

"Okay." I nodded, Gavin followed her and they disappeared around the corner.

"So... how's Sofia been?" Jake and I, we aren't that close. We talk sometimes, but really when it only concerns my girl.

"She's been good. Got first in yesterdays class."

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