Chapter: 16 Training Day

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Paula (Cashes)

With nothing but clothes in my luggage and duffle bags in my car I drove back to the trap.

My eyes were red and puffy. They burned from rubbing them to much.

But tell me, wouldn't you feel broken knowing you have to send your daughter/son off knowing you may never see her/him again?

You tell me.

I felt horrible without Bria and Nina. Mainly my Bria. She's like my life line.

I pull up at the warehouse and sit in the car. "Okay pull ya self together Paula." I say to myself. I sit there and breathe in and out. Inhale, exhale.

After doing that for awhile I looked at my reflection in the rearview mirror and see that my eyes were clearing.

I sit in my seat and clothes my eyes.

After a few minutes I grab my duffle bag full of cash and stash it under a lock in my car. I finally get out grabbing my purse.

I walk inside looking around as everything looked normal. Everybody was working and doing what they're suppose to do. I almost forgot.

They don't know.

I sigh as I quicken my pace before someone notices me and decides to talk.

I walk up the stairs slowly until I finally reach the floor of my office.

When I get in there, I sit in my desk chair and rub my face feeling the stress hit me like a smack to the face.

Minutes later I hear an announcement on the mic for a meeting.

After awhile I get up and walk along with everyone else there. Not showing an ounce of emotion, keeping a blank look on my face.

I sit at the head of the table as usual as each and everybody sits down, including Natasha who look like she was in tears.

I sigh knowing that they had to worry about their families, i actually feel guilty unlike usual.

My usual line was 'you chose the job, deal with the consequences.'

But knowing how their families life was on the line made me feel horrible.

Dangerous walks in with no emotion and sits down, not even giving no one direct eye contact. He leans over and whispers in Reds ear who nodded to everything I guess he was saying.

"So!!" Red stands up "we have a real problem on our hands," he clasps his hands together and look at everyone. His gaze stops at me and it lingers there, searching for something on my face but I showed no emotion.

"We're having a major conflict with S.I.D." his jaw clenches "and this mean we need to prepare....prepare for war." He say as some girls gasped. "We need to prepare ourselves for the upcoming day, which is the 25th of August."

"But that's only 3 months a-"

"Let him fuckin finish!" I say glaring at the mixed girl who decided to interrupt. She automatically shutted up knowing who I am when I show this side of me, cashes.

"Anyways, that is the due time we have up until that day, but we should always keep our guard up. This man is capable of doing anything, knowing any where you went," he sighs "but what I'm saying is for now on we're training everyday. EVERYDAY WE COME IN THIS BUILDING WE WILL BE TRAINING!" he repeats one more time. "Any questions or concerns?"

Some people raised their hands,and Red nodded to the white girl wifh blonde hair.

"Do we have to stay for this?" I can tell she was scared.

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