Stay Awake

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Y/N POV (finally)
As we came back from 'Tug Of War' Deok-su's crew was staring at us weirdly, I guess they thought we died.

We all went to some beds to sit down. I looked at my hand to see blisters all over them, I was so tired I thought I was just gonna let go of that rope.

Later, while all the other teams were still doing the game. The guards gave everyone, corn? What a weird food choice.

We were all just eating our corn when crazy lady spoke up and kept saying weird stuff, she even called Sang-woo babe? She also had the audacity to call Ali a alien, oh how much i wanted to punch her during that.

She just kept trying to get Ali off the team for some reason, then she started to complain about Deok-su when Gi-hun ask her why she got kicked off his team, he even called her missus?

"Oh babe, I'm not a missus! My name is Han Mi-nyeo!"

"Why does she keep calling everyone babe?" I wondered to myself.

Mi-nyeo looked over and glared at Deok-su as that stupid voice said "Lights out in 30 mins"

"That's weird why are the lights going out in 30 mins when the other teams aren't here? There should be at least 2 coming back?" I thought to myself.

Sang-woo then said, "A fight might break out again, we should prepare ourselfs" everyone looked over at him seeming to understand except 196 who said.

"How so? We have an old man on the team, and these girls! We are the weakest team here. "

I was ready to punch him but Sae-byeok held me back, I looked at her and tilt my head wondering why she would stop me from punching a dude who also insulted her?

- At night since I'm the lazy person in all the wattpad writers -

The lights are now off and Sang-woo and Ali decided to take the first shift, I'll have to take the second one.

As a hour passes I got woken up by Ali since it was my turn to watch now.

"God I hate this" I said as I sat down looking out for any dangers that might happen.

I was so close to falling asleep until someone picked me on my shoulder. And when I say I almost had a heart attack I did.

I turned around almost hitting the person in the face but stopped myself when I realized it was Sae-byeok.

"Oh sorry Sae-byeok" I said sitting down again.

"It's fine" she replied sitting down next to me. "Uhh it isn't ur shift yet, I still have 50 mins left."

"I know I just wanted to take the shift with you" she said looking ahead. This made me blush a bit, I was so flustered I had to look away.

"Oh sorry.." she said, "No, no it's fine" I said laughing it off.

We were both looking out waiting for something to attack. Soon later I found myself asleep and Sae-byeok still keeping watch.

I sat up and said, "Just wake up Gi-hun it's his turn now."

She looked back and nodded soon waking up Gi-hun.

- In the morning -

The light and sound woke me up but it was also the gaurds pulling me up leading me to the next game...


ok y'all since I have not been posting for so long I'm gonna post 2-3 more chapters today ik I'm definitely gonna do one more chapter today but anyways tysm for 11k views!!

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