Smile, Your Beautiful :) [Chapter 11]

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Seeing Nick with another girl shattered my heart. It was like drowning in cold water. The thing was I my heart wanted to keep denying what my eyes and mind was telling it. So when I finally got the strength to walk the other way, my heart was aching. I didn't even know him all that well. I guess it doesn't matter though. Walking to my class took forever, but once I finally was in it and sat in my seat my plans for tonight came back into play. I still can hurt Jason like I wanted to. If anything Nick just made this whole thing easier on me. And by the time school was over and practice was starting I kicked into full gear.

I walked into the girls locker room and went to my locker. I pulled out my black shorts and the yellow tank top that we wore for cheerleading practice. Our school colors are black and yellow and our school mascot was a falcon. But little did everyone know the mascot uniform was actually an eagle. My school didn't want to pay extra money for the falcon I guess. It didn't really matter though, since no one knew the difference. Kinda ironic in a way. I slipped my clothes off and the practice outfit on and walked to the field. My whole squad was already sitting on the bleachers and Morgan stood proudly infront with her best cheerleading smile. I knew that she was hiding todays events and she was doing extremely well at it too. Morgan was a great captain and everyone followed her. I started walking down the bleachers and when she saw me she smiled. I took my place next to her as Co-Captain. How I got co captain? I have no idea.

“Okay, Everyone! Let's hush down! We all know that pretty soon our first football game will be coming up. We have exactly 2 weeks to perfect these routines! Mia and I have also come up with a fantastic new fun idea! We are gonna do a pyramid this year!”

A few girls gasped and some looked a little to excited. I came up with the idea during the summer when I was watching a competiton on the tv. Morgan loved the idea and we figured we would give it a try. Hey what was the worst that could happen?

“I know a lot of you are excited for this,” I said smiling at all of them, “But we have to go by size. So the person on top has to be the smallest and if your the biggest sorry but you have to be on the bottom. Were not calling you fat because for lords sake none of you are. We don't wanna hear any of that crap okay? So please line up.”

Our squad was made up of 15 girls including Morgan and I. The girls all stood in a perfect line, while Morgan and I walked down it sizing up the girls. I had a pen and paper in my hand drawing up the pyramid as we walked down the line. After we were done we walked away from the girls.

“Okay... Mia your going to have to be on top.”

“What?! No no no! I'm afraid of heights! I wont be able to do it!”

“Your the lightest! Heck you allow us to throw you up in the air! Whats the difference?”

“I dont know... Nothing I guess? But.. being thrown up and climbing is different!”

“Your going to have to do it. No arguments!”

I crossed my arms in defeat and allowed her to write my name at the top. We finished drawing up the pyramid and turned around to annouce the news.

“Bottom row is Jamie, Emma, Emily, April, and Miranda.” Morgan said while the five girls humphed angerly.

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