Mr. Got Karma

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That is the mysterious man's face, played by Alex Pettyfer... isn't he a yummy cake ?


After Carla left I was ready to accept the lash Amelia is going to give me. She will runaway for sure, but I won't let her go. She should know that by now, and not even try. "The fuck Jesse!". There it's, "So you run with her while we're still dating? She's your ex and she like you!"

I sigh. Ruffling my hair, I lean by the wall behind me and watch her turn red, "she doesn't."

"Fuck you."

"Sure lets go to bed."

She raise an eyebrow and lurch toward me. I catch her in time, to pull her into a hug. I love how jealous she's. She wiggle out of my embrace, but I kept her secure while I grin childishly at her. "I love you."

"Well that's very romantic," she reply sarcastically, though I knew that's what she's been dying to hear. I wasn't joking, I just felt like saying she needs to know that i'm not thinking of replacing her. It's really hard to gain her trust, she's very stubborn and protective of herself. I really do love her and I want a life with her forever. Now I sound like a chic. Kissing her lightly on the forehead, she froze. "I really do. You have made me the happiest man alive."

I swear I saw her eyes started to go all watery and I knew right there, she was happy to hear that. "Don't you dare cry," I warn warmly,"we got a park to visit."

She chuckle light, shaking her head as she does,"you better feel lucky I date you."

I gasp and put her down, " you, better feel lucky I date you."


I shook my head, amaze, how just a second ago she was angry and sad, now she's all bubbly. Hormonal woman.


Amelia POV

After hours of roaming around the park, like a sick puppy in love adoring each other, we settle in one of the nearby cafe across the park. Jesse told me to find seats as he order for us. He didn't even bother asking what I want, such a gentleman. My eyes gleam at the glass seat, feeling like I'm in a romantic novel already. I stride for it, pull out a chair, when another hand come encounter with mine. I gasp, by the cold touch of his hand and he instantly apologize. " I'm sorry."

I shake my head, smiling to the man, " You're good."

"You can take this seat," he offer.

"I wasn't going to give it up anyway," I smirk. He raise an eyebrow and an amusement flashes across his face.

He is a gorgeous, mysterious; kind of like Jesse, with dirty blonde hair and green orbs. From the look of his outfit, he looks like someone who work in office. Like literally, people who Jesse hire to work in his company. This is getting awkward to be honest, he didn't move nor did he make a conversation. I 'umm' for a while and he apologize once more, " I'm sorry, I've never met a person quite beautiful as you are. "

Right ... I look down, trying to hide the blush on my face. Suddenly a loud thud discern and the mysterious man lay sprawl across the floor.

"Don't flirt with my woman!."

Jesse is making a scene again, I whine in my head. People are gasping, some women shouting; like whats the point?, the waitress try to break the commission. I feel sorry for them, I think I should leave a $10 bill as a tip. Jesse breaths heavily with his orders decorating the cafe's floor. The mysterious man abruptly stand up, swaying few bits, but quickly get a hold of Jesse. I shouted between the two of them to stop, but of course being the lady here, they decide not to listen. They exchange punches, until bloods drip out of both their nose and I scream for them to stop this instant or I'll call the police. I mean without me I'm sure some one is calling the police, but I needed a threat. Jesse eyes looks concern, but then turn into anger. He fix his attire, snatch my hand and literally drag me out. I look back at the man and mouthed a 'sorry'.

I did not see his response unfortunately, so I was left with a guilty feeling under the pit of my stomach. we stay near the road, as Jesse try to call one his personal driver. I scowl the whole time, but so do he, we look like such a happy couple. In 2 minutes I assume, a car approach and stop right in front of us and Jesse threw the driver out of his seat and take his place instead. I gasp, wanting to lash at his irrational behavior, but then his warning eyes didn't want me to. I sit and slam the door like an angry child who has been denied her ice cream.

"You are being irrational about this whole thing," I finally told him as we near his apartment.

"Don't tell me I'm irrational, when you get jealous too!," he bark. I did not see that coming, but he got a point. When he finally park, we walk out to the elevator, more of me standing behind him because I was a little bit afraid. He press the button but stay in silent, then somehow the air shifted. I feel tense all over the place. Maybe because there's a man next to you radiating heat !

" Jesse," I said in whisper, but he is already on me. He pin me to the side of the elevator and kiss me hungrily. I did a little happy flips on my head and grab a hold of his shirt, because I could drop to my knees by how how he's kissing me currently. without hesitation, he slip a under my shirt, caressing my bare stomach as he growl. is he kissing me, because he's angry ? I'm not surprise. he lean in, look into my eyes, trying to calm his breathing while i try to do mine, and whisper huskily, " You are mine."

"Yours," I reply.


The elevator door flung open and my heart dies. A man stand smiling sinisterly waiting outside the door with a gun pointed toward us. Shit


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