Doctor's Appointment

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On to the story...

Cristiano's POV

The last couple of days had been stressing me out. I seriously don't know what I am going to do about the Irish mob situation. Like for real? The fucking Irish mob? Of all people he could piss of he just randomly goes and pisses of the Irish mob. How stupid can he be, well its Hugo we are talking about if there is anything bad that can happen to anyone it could definitely happen to him.

I serious have no connection, nothing that can help him out. Seriously how would I even go about this? I don't know anyone that has mob ties. This serious got me stressed out to the max and getting drunk with the guys last night did help a little bit. Marcelo drunk is the funniest thing in the world. It can cheer up anyone, that's in a bad mood.

I am not only worried bout Hugo but I am concerned for Amber as well. I think the pregnancy is messing with her mind because she didn't want me to see her throwing up and normally she doesn't care how she looks around me. Which is something that I love about her. Also, she is a bit mean and cried over the fact that we didn't have bacon this morning. Weird.

Currently, Amber and I were at the doctor's office and checked in. I looked at the kids running around and playing in the play area. We are going to have that soon and it scares the shit of out me. I mean, its hard being a dad to one but now another. I don't know that I am ready for this but mom and Amber said that they got my back so I will try to worry less. But it's hard to not worry. I heard Amber's name called and it snapped me out of my thoughts.

We followed the nurse to the back. The nurse set everything up and ran a bunch of different test. Seeing them do all those test on Amber worried me a little because I seriously didn't know what was going on. After the nurse was done all we had to do now was wait for a doctor to come in and tell us what is going on.

I felt my phone vibrate. I checked it; it was a text from Marcelo. This should be interesting, I smirked.

Celo: Yo man my head hurts like a motherfucker

Me: yeah it is probably because you drank I whole bottle of tequila. I expected you to be hung-over.

Celo: Ugh, why do you guys insist on getting me drunk

Me: One, you wont stop drinking and fight us when we try to stop you. Two, you do the stupidest things. It hilarious lol I enjoy it J

Celo: you bastard, so what did I do this time?

Me: nothing outrageous but you got mad at Pepe's dish sponge because you were trying to have a conversation with it. When it didn't answer you yelled 'answer me sponge bob' and threw it on the ground. Ahaha it was funny. I have it on video lol then you thought it would be fun to go body surfing down Pepe's stairs and you hit your head hahaha like I said hilarious

Celo: smh, dead

Me: hahaha it's nothing to be embrassed about

Celo: says the guys who doesn't get when he drinks

Me: Touche, so where are you?

Celo: where shit it about to go down.


Celo: the toilet

Me: idiot

Celo: am not

Me: are too

Celo: nope

Me: yes

Celo: Fucker

Me: as much as I love conversing with you but I am at Amber's appointment. So I will talk to you later

Celo: alright, tell wife I said hey and that I hope our baby is fine

Me: shut up you idiot

Celo: haha you jealous bastard. See ya J

Me: smh bye

"Hello, I am Dr. Fernández." I looked to see this guy say smiling at Amber. He was smiling a little to hard for my liking. "I will be take care of you throughout your pregnancy. I have looked over everything and the fetus seems to be doing well. I am going to give you some medicine just in case you are having morning sickness. Later on in the pregnancy I will be giving you pre-natal vitamins, if you need them. Do you have any questions or anything you want to say."

"Yeah, I do. This is my second child but I never got the chance to be there during the pregnancy so all of this is new to me and this is Amber's first child. I just wanted to know what to I should expect to happen," I said.

"Well, I can't tell exactly everything that goes on because every women is different to every pregnancy is different. She might have a great pregnancy or a miserable. It's hard to predict. Sometimes there is slight bleeding during the first trimester, if the bleeding is bad the come see me as soon as possible. Also, Amber your breast is going to be sore during the pregnancy, which is normal. You might be tired a lot because your body is working hard to support the growth of the fetus. You we have weird food cravings. Frequent urination, heartburn, mood swings, and weight gain. Right now, that is all I can think of but I will give you my number if you have any questions," Dr. Fernández says.

"Okay, thank you," Amber saying writing down his phone number.

"So, thank you for coming in today. Remember call me if you need me" Dr. Fernández says. He shakes my hand and Amber's

"Thank you," Amber says.

"No problem," he said and then left the room.

"Ready to go?" I asked.

"Yes, let me get ready," she said.

"Okay," I said my phone rang. I saw that it was Mark.

I answered it, "Hey, man"

"Hey, I got the solution to your Hugo problems," he said.

****** ****

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