( chapter seventeen. )

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  WHEN THE EXPLOSION HAD finished and Andrea was sure she wasn't dead, both her and Steve took to clearing a path in the rubble that was left. The world around her was hazy and she stood on shaky legs, but she was standing. That was the best she could ask for. Beside her, Steve picked up an unconscious Natasha and the three quickly made their escape.

  They stealthily wove between what was left of the building and managed to leave the area without getting caught. When Natasha came to they were already about halfway to their destination and Steve deemed her okay to walk. He gently set her down as they stopped to rest, hidden in an allyway.

  "So what now?" She questioned, but Andrea was only half-listening to what they were saying. Her mind was still struggling to process what she had been told. Thought after thought swarmed through her mind, leaving her dazed and unable to concentrate completely. She didn't quite know how to feel.

  They had been married. It was this one thought that seemed prominent above all else going through Andy's mind. There was a part of her that felt a faint, uncertain happiness at this discovery. Though, it wasn't long before she remember that it wouldn't make a difference. He was still gone. He was still dead.

  Nothing was going to bring Bucky back. They may have been married, but that wouldn't change the fact that he still wasn't here. Nothing would change. Any form of happiness that the Jones girl had once felt seemed to shrivel up and die, replaced with a sharp pain that made it hard to breathe.

  Yes, they had been married. Yes, she still loved him. But, it still hurt.

  "Andy?" The brunette looked up at the sound of her name, catching sight of the concerned expressions on Natasha and Steve's faces. She looked away. "I'm fine." She told them, already aware of what they were going to ask. Though, they all knew she was lying. Straight through her teeth.

  Who in their right mind could possibly feel fine after finding out what she had?

  However, she had meant what she'd said to Zola. She was stronger now with the knowledge that the last few traces of him were gone and, there she was, still standing. Still alive. Both Nat and Steve dropped the matter, much to Andrea's relief, and it wasn't long after that they arrived at their destination.

  Steve knocked on the back door of the house and Andy crossed her arms over her chest as they waited to be answered. She felt unsure about who they'd come to, but knew that it was their only option. Sam opened up the door then, looking completely stunned as he stared at the group standing before him.

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