ch6 In a city of Fools

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The next day Josephine found herself sitting at the back seat of her dads car on their way to the beach.

She wore a cream lace top and orange j-crew shorts. She wore platform heels, her chanel sunglasses and a beach hat that was inside her Alexander McQueen bag. Her long blonde hair was down but with two small braids tied at the back of her head.

Josephine glanced at her parents and thought how as soon as the came to America they lost their amazing sense of style.

Her father was in faded light blue jeans and tshirt that would look okay on a 22 year old surfer not a 47 year old man. technically he did not look bad he just wasn’t the always professional and stylish father.

Her mother was in a sun dress and flip flops. Josephine remembered how much her mother hated flip flops and always criticized women who used them. She would call them fashion disasters.

What happened to her parents?!

Whatever she thought I will never loose my sense of style; no matter what!

As they reached the house where they were having this “get-together” as her mother called it Josephine noticed the people and amount of cars outside the house. This was no simple get together this was a beach party or so it looked like it.

In front of the house where there was a large span of grass, a group of men of all ages crowded around playing some sport with a Frisbee but it looked like the american football type of game.

These Americans are so weird!! I WANT TO GO HOME! BACK TO SIMPLE AND REAL FOOTBALL OR SOCCER AS THEY CALL IT HERE. I want tulips and the Eiffel tower every night! I want Eloise! & Max!

Her inner rant was cut short as her father parked the car and she knew she had to get out and face reality meaning all these people she did not know asking loads of questions about Paris and herself. Questions she did not feel like answering at the moment since she felt teary eyed by just the thought Paris.

Josephine stepped out of the car and like always all eyes fell on her. She always wondered why this happened but this time she knew exactly why. And there where quite a few reasons.

1.     she was the new girl, and even more interesting; the new girl from Paris.

2.     She was dressed weird for them. Her outfit for them should belong in a catwalk not a beach party. However this outfit she would wear back home for relaxing and going for walks around the park with friends.

3.      She was in huge platform heels, which she knew where dangerous because of the sand but she knew how to handle herself in them. Very few times she would use flats to go to the beach in France. Besides her being a model she could walk in anything, she once actually did a shoot in huge heels in the sahara dessert.

4.     And lastly, because her mother started screeching like a teenage girl and saying hi to some women who where doing the same thing as her mother.

However Josephine knew how to control her emotions and not show any weakness for showing others you are actually uncomfortable by their staring could be your worst mistake. Never show weakness, she was taught. So Josephine put up her wall of protection and immediately acted as if this was all completely normal and acted as if it did not bother her that she was slightly over dressed.

I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care. I. DON’T. CARE!  Repeated Joesphine over and over in her head as she walked over next to her mother and presented herself to the women.

“Bonjour madams, Odette Josephine, but please call me Josephine, nice to meet you all.”

And out came a chorus of:

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