Lindsey's point of view
I let out a sigh as I dressed into my school uniform. I was heading back to school and to be honest. I didn't want to go! There's Amy and her posse ( almost changed to pûssy), Cole's old group of friends as they ditched him last week when he told them He was dating Me. Guess they weren't real friends. Then there were other people who I guess. Have figured out I was Chuggaaconroy's Daughter. I'm so screwed. I grabbed my headphones, phones, and my hoodie, along with my lunch and went down the hall.
"Cole are you ready to go yet?!" I whispered shouted. We were leaving earlier so we could walk to school by ourselves and we didn't want to wake The two who were sleeping. Oh I also forgot to mention! Cole's parents kicked him out when they learned he was dating someone with a 'stupid retarded family' as his parents put it, so he was sleeping In what use to be the guest room.
"Yay yay I'm almost done." He whispered shouted back. A few seconds later we were walking out of the house, Hand in hand.
"You know... I miss all of our friend. Who knew that Amber was a princess. To be honest though, Your the only princess in my realm." Cole told me, Nuzzling my neck as my cheeks turned pink.
"God that was the Cheesiest and sweetest thing I have ever heard." I told him as I smiled shyly.
Amy's Point of View (Hey it's the Bîtch everyone hates)
I scowled as Cole and Whatever her name was, held hands. For fûck sakes she's doesn't even have a god dàmn chest to show off! I walked over to them and shoved Cole against a tree, Forcing flat chest on the ground.
"Why The héll are you holding hands with flat Chest here? You my boyfriend! Not her's!" I told him off, a growl escaping me.
Cole's Point of View
I pushed Amy away and went over to Lindsey. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close.
"I'm holding hands with Lindsey because she's my girlfriend and I love her because of that. I could care less if she had a chest or not because even if she did I would still love her. Because I love her in gonna do this!" I told her as I turned Lindsey to me. I placed my hand to her cheek and softly placed my lips on hers. She stood shocked for a little bit till she started kissing back, a smile was planted on her lips as well. I broke apart the kiss to see Amy with a pissed off look. She made some sort of noise turned around and walked away.She was also flipping me off.

"Well... Dont think she'll be messing with us anytime soon!" I told Lindsey as she stood shocked. That was both of ours first kiss so I figured she would be surprise.
I freaking love Lindsey!


Writing seems to make me happier I guess. I might have started doing stuff to my wrist, mostly hitting a rubber band against it. It helps when I'm sad I guess. It calms me down. I don't want to go to school but I have people to prove so.


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