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Okay so I have a few stories I haven't posted.

Anyway I'm going to write the story titles and descriptions and you tell me which story I should post next.

1. Blank Space

Brooklyn Lincoln was just your typical high school's girl. She's pretty, she came from a wealthy family, straight A student, outgoing and of course a heartbreaker. She was known as a 'nightmare' in her old school but then she moved to a new town, a new school and she immediately become popular in her new school. Her friends, Logan and Hailey were your typical goofy, fun, trustworthy friends.

Justin Bieber on the other hand was a jock, and was known as the school's badass. He was known as the school's player. Every single girls in the school has slept with him including Brooklyn's friend herself, Hailey Baldwin.

"If you get Justin wrapped around your fingers and you can dump him by prom, we owe you $200. A hundred from Logan and a hundred from me. How does that sound?" Hailey smirked. Brooklyn laughed and shook her head. "Three hundred and we got a deal." Brooklyn grinned. Logan and Hailey rolled their eyes but agreed anyway.

She got 4 months before the prom, she thought that it was more than enough time to get Justin wrapped around her finger but she didn't know that 4 months was also enough time to get herself wrapped around Justin's finger. But it's all just a bet after all, isn't it? Brooklyn cares about nothing but her reputation in front of her friends. She was known as the heartbreaker but will she leave the nickname and her reputation behind and be with the highschool's jock, Justin Bieber?

2. Warm Bodies

You're okay in here, just don't leave the house whatsover. If people sees you, they'll blow your head. Understand, Justin? I just want you to be safe.

3. Luxury (this one is honestly my favorite)

Justin Bieber is Jeremy Bieber's son or known as the CEO of Bieber Enterprise, he was only 3 years old when he first met Alexandra Vittielo, another girl from a wealthy family. She was only 2 years old when she met Justin. They become best friends until finally, they're teenagers.

Everything they do, they do it together.

They're finally in high school, the two of them immediately becomes the school's superstar. Good looking, money and manner they have it all. But as time flies by, Justin turned in to the school's biggest jock and Alex turned in to school's sweetheart. Their friendship continues through high school. Justin slept with every girls in their school and Alex dated a couple of guys while they were in high-school. Of course that's what happened.

But what do they say? A girl and a boy can't have a friendship without feelings of more than just friends.

Who is in love with who? Well guess you'll have to find out in "Luxury"

And also choose one of this story I should continue:
1. Lucky Thirteen
2. Psychopath

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