I'm allergic to vampires! Literally.... Chp 22

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Chapter 22   

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“I don’t know how I feel…”

“He was the one to protect you right?” I nodded slowly, holding back tears.

“It doesn’t matter anymore…” I muttered, “He failed to protect me, twice when I should have been able to defend myself. Sure I’ve gotten training to fight them doesn’t mean I’ve ever fought an actual vampire.”

“That’s why we practiced fighting.”

“I know but you’ll be leaving tomorrow.” He quieted, his eyes turning silver.

“Galen what does it mean when your eyes change colors?” I asked, curious.

“Well I was told it shows emotions and colors correspond to certain ones.”

“Do you know what silver means?” He shook his head. I pulled myself into a sitting position, glancing around the room and spotting a blue leather bound book on the bookcase. I slid off the bed but my legs felt like jello beneath me.

“Sky you probably shouldn’t move your very weak.”

“There’s something I need to see.” I mumbled, making my way to the bookcase and withdrawing it from the rest of the dusty books.

“So why are you so curious about this?”

“It was the color of Jace’s and yours when I mentioned you were leaving.”

“Oh…” He mumbled.

“Vampires genetics, nature and myth.” I read aloud. I flipped through the introduction to the contents table, scrolling down the list with my finger. “Traits and behavior, chapter 3, appearance, pg. 157.”

“Wait Skyler, I dunno if you should-” I cut him off, pushing him back as he reached for it.

‘The male vampire can reach up to 200 miles per second. Muscle strength and hormones become more induced due to the imbalance of a newborn vampire’s blood, a defense mechanism against predators such as the werewolf or solstice vampire.’ I read silently.

“Body Advances:

-Able to exhibit emotions through eye color (see page 163 for color to emotion matches)

I flip through a couple more pages seeing an illustration of Dracula drinking the blood of a maiden. I read the caption below it. ‘The story of the Dracula contains only small truths within the myth. Vampires enjoy the blood of maidens, it is a powerful draw to any nearby because of the purity they have. Vampires are usually considered dark creatures because of their lust blood but it’s to cover up their craving for sexual needs. That’s where the saying “a night of passion” came from because of the physical fulfillment vampires can give to maidens.’ I blushed, a bright red.

“Sky what did you read?” He asked nervously.

“Nothing!” I said quickly, glancing at the eye chart.



‘Light pink=embarrassment/lust

‘Dark pink=love



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