Shades from Beyond: The Sweater

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       While hiding in the apartment of her Jewish aunt Sarah who had been killed a few days before little Grace Levy found a sweater inside a closet of a neighbors open apartment while hiding from the Nazi soldiers in World War 2. Little did she know that the sweater was a magical protection piece of apparel that can do many things for its wearer. Grace always liked living in Poland, but since World War 2 started the Nazi regime was slaughtering many Jews or they were sent to concentration camps. Grace got separated from her mother Rachel Levy about a week ago so she decided to hide in her aunt's apartment which had a hidden dumbwaiter that led to a laundry chute in the building to another room in the building. Grace liked to explore her surroundings once they were safe.

     Grace was raised by her single mother since she never met her father. They lived on the same floor as her aunt Sarah who looked out for the both of them. Sarah was a famous actress before the war began. Grace's mother worked in a grocery store and she worked for a good boss by the name of Paul Cohen. Paul always liked to have Grace in his grocery store and his business was thriving in such a way that he made one of the first supermarkets in the area. Paul helped to get Rachel and Grace fake Latin American passports with fake names that did help them. Paul had found out that the World War 2 consul Konstanty Rokicki was issuing the fake American passports which in the end would help hundreds of Jews escape the Holocaust in Nazi occupied Poland. The last time Grace saw her mother was when a Nazi soldier by the name of Tobias Wagner was chasing her for protecting her sister Sarah who unfortunately was shot and killed.

       Grace did not know if her mother had been captured. She carefully went to where Paul Cohen lived to see if she was there, but he told Grace that he had not seen her. Paul offered to give Grace shelter if she wanted, but Grace was so scared because many people were snitching to the Germans about where Jews were hiding that she went back to the place she knew she could use to hide out and since the whole apartment building was empty she looked for food and any clothes that were left behind. She was also able to get food from time to time from Paul Cohen and his neighbor who hated the Nazis Bruno Collins. Collins had a pure contempt for the injustices that were happening in Poland. Bruno also knew that in the dangerous times that he was living in that desperate and secretive measures had to be taken into account. Grace liked Bruno because he was one of her former teachers at school. Bruno taught the kids the subject of mathematics. Grace had found a sweater in a closet of an open apartment of a neighbor whom she never met. It was a blue sweater that was a perfect fit for her and as she put it on she wanted to see how it looked on her and when she stood in front of the mirror yet there was no reflection. Suddenly, a Nazi soldier by the name of Jonas Vogel entered that same apartment and Grace did not realize it as he was right in front of her yet the Nazi soldier could not see her as she was invisible. After looking around the rest of the open apartment Jonas Vogel left the apartment he told the other Nazi soldier Lukas Seidel that there was no one in there.

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