Chapter 24

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(Ruby's POV)

"What did you just say?" Chris snarls.

"Nothing," I whisper.

"Yes, you did. You said you had something to tell me, now what was it?"

I take a deep breath, trying to remain calm. If Chris hasn't noticed the wetness beneath me on the bed by now, I might be able to figure a way out of this situation.

"Ryan didn't kill David," I finally say, just as he looks fit to shout at me again. I'm beginning to think that he's bi-polar.

"What?" He snaps. He stops pacing the room and steps towards me, his eyes full of hatred, anger and some other emotion that I can't put my finger on. "Where the hell did you get such a ridiculous idea from?"

"Ryan-" I start.

"SPEAK UP!" He roars, inching closer to me. He's now standing at the foot of the bed I'm sitting on.

"Ryan told me."

"Ryan told you?"

I nod my head, hoping he won't see through my lie. I'm playing a risky game but it's all that I've got. Maybe if I can make him change his mind on what happened, just maybe, I'll be able to safely give birth to my baby in a hospital with my boyfriend by my side.

"What exactly did he tell you happened?"

"He told me that after you left to get help, David took a turn for the worse." It takes everything in me to keep my voice from trembling. As much as it terrifies me, I try to hold Chris' gaze, knowing that if I don't he'll instantly be able to see through my lies. "They tried moving for cover away from the bombs, but they got too close to one of them as it exploded." I cringe, knowing that my wording probably sounds childish to him.

"And?" He prompts, sounding impatient.

"And, Ryan was knocked unconscious. He woke up in the hospital and he was told that David had died."

"You're lying," Chris spits at me before slapping me right across the face. My cheek stings and I choke back the tears. He storms around the side of the bed and I shuffle away from his as best I can. "You're fucking lying to me!" He picks up the chair in the far corner of the room and smashes it into the wall opposite me, the splintered wood flying in all directions.

"I'm not," I say, doing my best to hold back a sob.

"Prove it!"

"R-Ryan was in the hospital when you found out about David, why was he there?" My stomach churns at the thought of Ryan. Where is he? Is he okay?

"Because he was injured," Chris snaps once more, distracting me from my thoughts.

"Exactly!" I blurt out. "Him and David were trying to flee, together. Ryan didn't leave him to die!"

"That's just a coincidence." He stands and turns away from me, returning to pacing the small room. "I thought he was my friend; I thought I could trust him. How wrong was I?"

"Ryan didn't kill David. He wouldn't. Ryan would have put himself in harms way before he would allow anything to happen to David."

Chris whirls around to face me again and opens his mouth to protest but I cut him off. I don't know where my sudden courage is coming from but I hope to God that it pays off.

"In all the time that you knew Ryan did he ever do anything to make you doubt him? Did he ever put his safety before anyone else? Did he?"

"No, but-"

"Then that proves to you that Ryan didn't betray you! He didn't harm David!"

"HE DID!" He snarls, picking up the remaining leg of the chair and throwing it straight through the window, the glass shattering loudly.

"No! He didn't!"

I lift myself to the side of the bed before standing up. I can't stay on the bed for much longer and I know that my contractions will start soon. I need to get out of this room; I need to get away from this monster.

I begin to pace the floor beside the bed and as soon as I go to speak to Chris again my first contraction hits me. I scream out in pain and almost double over at the intensity of it.

"What are you whining about?" Chris spits.

I take deep breaths, trying to help myself through the pain but it doesn't seem to be working. I need Ryan. Where is he? I need him. I can't do this on my own.

(Ryan's POV)

"Are you sure there isn't anyone that has anything against you, Mr. Butler," the cop asks. He's asked me the same question three times.

Matt is glaring at me from across the room. Ever since I woke up an hour ago he hasn't stopped killing me with his eyes.

"No," I reply. "Why aren't you out looking for her?"

"My colleagues are doing everything they can to locate your girlfriend but based on the information, or rather, lack of information we have, it's proving to be very difficult. What about when you were in Iraq? Did anything happen there that would make anyone want to hurt you, or hurt Ruby to get to you?"

"No. Wait, maybe," I trail off. Both mine and Matt's parents rush to my side, Matt right beside his mother.

"Who?" The cop asks, holding up his hand to silence Matt before he can even get a word in.

"This guy Chris. We were friends but he has it in his head that I killed his best friend. Fuck, why didn't I think of him sooner!"

It all makes sense now; Ruby's reaction towards Chris, the looks Chris gave her and the way he watched her and, most importantly, the way Ruby wanted to leave the hotel earlier. How could I be so blind?

"What's his surname?" The cop asks. He wastes no time in pulling out his phone and hurriedly dialing a number.

"Harper. Christopher Harper." I run a hand through my hair. He nods before turning from me.

All the pain and tiredness I felt moments ago has completely disappeared. The thoughts of being one step closer to finding Ruby pushes all the pain from my body.

"He has her; I know he does. It has to be him; I know it's him!"


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