Chapter 21

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Okay so I'm changing the gap to 1 year instead of 3. So Ava is 24 not 26. If its not already changed throughout the story I will get to it :)

I couldnt move. Was there someone out there that hated my dad that much they would do anything to get to me? As my mind went haywire with thoughts my breathing got heavier. Why couldn't they just leave me alone?

"Sweets you alright?" Blaze asked

Was I okay? No I fucking wasn't. I was sick and tired of living my life like this. I don't know how much more I could take. I hadn't done anything wrong and yet I was still caught in the middle of it all. What kind of person gives someone a house at a reasonable price just so they can hurt them? Someone that's sick in the head. I wanted my own place to get away from this shit but no matter what I do it keeps on following me. Was there ever going to be a way out? Was I ever going to be able to live my life without looking over my shoulder?

"I've had enough" I said holding up my hands "I want out Blaze. I can't keep living my life like this. Why is someone so dead set on hurting me? I've done nothing wrong" I croaked on the verge of tears. I couldn't deal with anymore shit.

"Get in the car darlin' I need to speak with your dad".

That's it, that's all he had to say? I didn't want to go and speak to my dad. All he was going to do was retaliate killing more people. It was just one vicious circle that I didn't want to be apart of. Walking to my car I jumped in slamming the door shut behind me.

"Don't you be worrying we'll handle it" Came his gruff voice as he pulled out of my street. Turning my head so I could look at him I scrunched my face up "How can I not worry when someone is obviously trying to hurt me" I snapped grabbing my sunglasses from my glovebox and putting them on. They were obviously doing all of this for a build up, waiting for me not to expect it and then they are going to pounce. How do I protect myself from a bunch of thugs that want revenge on my dad.

"I know that look and I know your mind is working overtime. I told you we'll sort it so stop fucking worrying".

I wasn't going to bite back. For once I was going to stay quiet and try my best not to think about the worst things that could happen. Did I get fooled into thinking it was my dad that got me that house? Were they going to use that house as a way to hurt me? Maybe even rape me? Swallowing loudly I clenched my fists. I didn't want to think about the shit they would do to me.

"Why are you going up state?" I found myself asking him. Anything to keep my mind off of who could be behind all this bullshit. "Club business sweetheart. Guys up state have a rat, they just need a little help on finding out who he is". And they needed him for that? I was surprised he told me why. Usually all I get is 'club business' and that's the end of it. Never once has he gave me a reason. "How do they know they have a rat?" I asked as he pulled into the club house. Scanning the lot my eyes landed on Cage and wait what was Ally doing here? I thought her and Cage were just having fun? "Stuff that gets said around the table is getting out. Can only mean they have a rat. I just need to go up and figure out who it is". Sitting quietly I watched as he opened my glovebox and took out my cigarettes. Lighting one up he tucked the rest of them inside his cut pocket. "Why do you have to go and figure out who the rat is? Aren't they capable of doing it themselves?" I asked reaching over and slipping my hand inside his pocket, pulling out my cigarettes I slapped his chest "They are my secret stash, buy your own"I huffed putting them back where they belong.

"Could say I'm good at reading people" He grinned taking a puff of his smoke. "Clearly you're not when you let bitches like that walk all over you" I smirked nodding my head to where Kelsey was making her way over to us. "Still screwing her I see".

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