Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 

Sometimes, I wondered what I did with my life. More often than not I felt it slipping away through the never ending reaches of time. Ironically, speaking of time; there were those out there that defied it, weaving as they chose. Leaving the rest of us behind. 

They aren’t the only ones to defy nature, there are others like them, with powers beyond comprehension. Then there were those on the complete opposite end of the scale, who were simply normal. ‘Normals’. Sighing, I wondered what sort of life they led.

My name is Adele Hughes. 

I could’ve gone into my whole backstory here, but there simply isn’t much point. My parents were not important. I cared little for their memory, for I had none. I remember had a little brother called Gordon Hughes, whom I spent almost every waking moment. Thing’s changed however, and I haven’t seen him for a long time. My parents died over twelve years ago, both within months of each other. It had left me and my brother on the streets. 

It was the government that eventually took him away. I let him go, they were a force I couldn’t have withstood at my young age.

Time moved on, I came to live with a computer technician, named Pacher. He’s also a victim of time, reaching his fifties. He lost a son who wasn’t a ‘normal.’ 

Concentrating on what I was doing, I hastily gulped down breaths of air as my legs continued pumping at the ground. Pacher was obsessed with finding his son, Carl Pacher, who’d now be twenty-two. I swung my arms, punching into the air to match my breaths. Pacher’s spouse had been killed for who she was, his son stolen. If you don’t join the government, you die by them. 

The branch which deals with specials, P.I.C.U. (Power Investigations and Control Unit) was known to be ruthless, it’s officers even more so, and rumoured to be just as powerful as they claim. It was their responsibility to keep those who weren’t normal in line. 

I made sure to keep off the radar by claiming my powers were heightened flexibility and muscle strength. In truth, I just worked out a lot, take right now for example. 

I glanced at the timer in front of me on the wall, my name blinking in red letters above it followed by my citizen’s code, 9792341ASR. Three minutes left. Excellent. As soon as my shift ended I could head home already, I glanced behind me quickly, almost losing my footing to see if my replacement was here yet.

I shut my eyes and groaned. She wasn’t.

I turned back to the wall, running on the tread warily. Sarah was almost never late, but she’d already had a warning. One more and she would get fired, and she had a family to feed. I guess I wouldn’t be going home when I thought. My timer beeped indicating to me that my shift had finished, and I hopped on one leg to confuse the computer that somebody else had stepped on. Sarah’s details flashed on the screen, and her two hour sprint timer began. Her pace was slightly slower than mine so it made it awkward when I began trying to recreate her timing. If they knew I was still on here Sarah wouldn’t be the only one in trouble. 

The treads had to keep turning, if they stopped a glitch happened in the electronic supply and the town got a two millisecond blackout. To the higher up’s, this wasn’t acceptable. ‘SpeedyShock Energy’ powered two entire towns from the energy they produced. Glancing up and down the warehouse I could take a head count of one hundred and ninety or so runners. There were four more warehouses in this town alone, and all much bigger. It’s what kept most people alive. Machines could take over all the jobs, but one thing you’d always need is energy to power the machines. Full scale systems like this was what contributed the majority. 

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