Chapter One

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Chapter One

Silence surrounded me. Having taken a cab, I stood alone next the quiet road. I looked at my arm, glancing at the address written down and matching it up with the number and street name before me. Surely the taxi-driver had got it wrong...I mean, this house was huge! It was almost a mansion. It had two floors and a towering roof. The windows were gleaming and the lawn was neatly mowed.

Four men were supposed to live here...had I got it wrong or was it only the men in my town that were slobs and never washed? I scoffed to myself, that they probably had a maid or something. They looked like they had enough money for it!

With one last sight, I picked up my two suitcases, holding one in either hand. Trudging my way to the front door, I grunted under the weight of my luggage. My stuff had only just crammed themselves into two trunks. I wasn't exactly muscled and my favourite pass-time included holding a book open and pressing remote control buttons. By the time I reached the great oak door, I dropped the bags to the floor, one of them narrowing missing my big-toe.

I had told them I was coming today...I silently prayed that someone was in so wouldn't have to wait on the front steps like a tramp.

A couple of moments later, I heard heavy footsteps on the other side of the door and the rattling of keys in a lock. Bolts squeaked their way out of place, making me grit my teeth at the horrible sound. The door swung open, revealing an incredibly hot guy. He had cropped brown hair and tanned skin that literally glowed in the afternoon sun. Like the idiot I was, I instantly smiled at him as if I had been struck by the arrow of lurve. Just my luck that one of them had to look like a sex god...but I guess I wasn't complaining!

"Hey," I said. I tried to compose myself and give him a friendly smile that didn't come out somewhat creepy to him.

"Hello?" he replied. It was more of a question than anything. He stared at me with confusion, frowning at me and looking somehow hotter like that.

Oh shoot, I thought to myself, thinking that I must've told them the wrong date that I was actually coming...god, I really was a klutz.

"I'm your new housemate," I explained, hoping that he would suddenly remember and apologise for forgetting. "Paige?" I prompted.

Realisation hit his face like a tidal wave and he quickly moved out the way so I could get by. Giving an awkward smile, I squeezed passed into an open-planned living room, kitchen and dining room rolled into one. The room was incredibly big and filled with expensive, modern furniture. The kitchen looked spanking clean and the plasma screen telly filled up most of the wall. I plonked my trunks back onto the floor, giving out a short exhale as I rubbed my hands together to get rid of the pain.

I looked around, liking my new surroundings. Playing video games, I noticed, was a slightly younger, blonde haired boy staring at the TV, intent on the game of COD he was playing.

"I'm Will," the first one introduced.

I turned back to front door where the Abercrombie model stood, giving me a small smile. As he closed the door, I noticed he was hesitant and looked uncomfortable. Had I done something wrong already? My mind casted back to what I could've possible done in the five minutes of events since I had arrived.

"Is something wrong?" I asked as I heard him lock the front door and pull the several bolts back into place.

"I thought you were a boy," he stated, facing me once more.

"A boy?" I demanded, feeling slightly hurt. "My name's Paige!"

Will shrugged. "Paige can be a boy's name."

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