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~~~Disclaimer:I do not own any of the original Lords of the Underworld characters, concepts, or artifacts. All rights go to Gena Showalter- my personal favorite author! The only thing I really 'own' is the fan fiction plot, and any newly introduced characters. This is my FIRST fan fiction to have ever wrote, so please give me feedback! Thanks so much, and I hope YOU, yeah you, the one reading, like this fan fiction as much as I like writing it.~~~

I was born December 25, 2016, Christmas Day. My mother always said I was the best present she could have ever got all her life- despite the horrendous contractions she endured during labor- even though I was given to her wrapped in blood and the many types of birth fluids instead of candy cane wrapping paper, which was ironic, considering my damnable genetics.

According to my parents, 11 uncles, and aunts, I was outgoing baby. I wouldn't know. I can't remember most of my first years of life. Every time my father would tell me of my toddler antics his face would beam with love and care, no matter the degree of fear I unintentionally caused him. One of my uncles said my child self reminds him of my father in his first years of life, after he was created, though I can't believe it. It's impossible to envision my father, despite the love he has showered me with, as a rambunctious child getting into tons of trouble.

Maybe that's because my father was never a child. Not because of some horrible childhood that forced him to inevitably 'grow up.' No he didn't live on the streets, well maybe he did soon after Pain was bonded to him for eternity, I'm not sure. He just was literally never a child. His birth, if you could even consider it that, was really just his creation. The story goes that the self proclaimed god of Olympus, Zues, created my father, my ten uncles, and one aunt to be immortal warriors for Zues. And that they were, until they opened Pandora's Box.

Untamable demons, known as High Lords, were kept in the Pandora's Box, made of the Greek Goddess of Oppression's bones, after they escaped Hell. These demons now are bound to my father amd uncles/aunt, after they opened Pandora's Box- but that's an entire story for later.

My father and the rest of my family are the notorious Lord's of the Underworld. My father is Keeper of Pain, Reyes, and my mother is Danika Ford, the All Seeing Eye.

My name is Renier Ford- 'Lord-' and this is my story.

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