Chapter one - The party.

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Lauren's POV

"Oh my god I love this song!" I screamed over the loud music. "Who doesn't?!" Emma shouted back. I chuckled, the base drum shaking my insides, but it felt so good! "Wasn't this worth breaking out of the house?" Conner asked while holding a red plastic cup.

What ever was inside was splashing out of the cup, and by the smell I could tell it was beer. "Yeah" I replied, less enthusiastic than before. As the song kept going on I eventually stopped dancing and started thinking about what my parents would be thinking right now.

I hope they weren't freaking out, thinking someone took me. I don't mean to make them scared... Well it's there fault! They are the ones who wouldn't let me to go to this one party in the first place! I mean I never ask them to go anywhere hardly, they could have just said yes! I rolled my eyes and started dancing again.

As soon as the song ended I felt a tug at my arm. I turned around and saw Conner again. I smiled at him "Hey..." He threw his cup behind him and began to drag me off of the dance floor. "Con..." He ruffly yanked me to the right, heading for the stairs. I quickly shoved him off of me and began to walk away.

"Hey!" He yelled, I turned around, looking into his eyes. Our noses were inches apart, he opened his mouth again and I had to hold my nose, all I smelled was beer. "Your drunk" I complained, starting to get abit scared. Conner was 4 years older than me, I was 14 he was 18.

"So what?" He grabbed my arm again but I yanked it out of his grip. "Conner!" I screamed, getting angry. "look Cimorelli, your the one who came to my party. I guess I was wrong to invite you, your still a daddy's girl huh?" I glared at him "No!" "Maybe your a mommy's girl then, hm?"

I grabbed the collar of his shirt and kissed him. If I was thinking right I would have never done that. I'm only 14, this was my first kiss, I'm way to young. If Lisa and Christina was here they would be so angry at me for doing this, but I was just so mad that he said that. I had to prove him wrong.

I pulled away, whipping off my mouth in disgust but he only pulled me back for more. I tried to push him off but he wouldn't budge, I bit his lip hard but his lips only curved up into a smile. I heard a loud bang, my eyes shot open wide and I looked around, seeing many people fleeing for the back door.

"Lauren Christine Cimorelli!" I heard an angry voice scream...Oh no. Conner finally pulled away with a smirk, then the police officers hand cuffed him and he was pulled out. "Call me" He shouted to me with a wink. I rolled my eyes.

I glanced to my right, seeing My dad standing there with a face full of anger, but anger was an understatement, I couldn't even think of a word that described the look he was giving me. It was a mixture of things. He was ashamed, disappointed, furious, Appalled, and sad. I bit my bottom lip, tugging at my shirt in nervousness.

"To the car" He snapped, beginning to walk out. I sighed and slowly began to follow him. Once I was outside in the cool night I saw there were about 5 police cars pulled up, up front. I sighed again, starring at my dad. I felt ashamed, I should have listened to them...What was I thinking?

I numbly opened the passenger side of the car door open and sat down inside. I grabbed the seat belt and put it on, slouching back in the seat as he pulled out of the house. I glanced at him, he was starring at the windshield with the same look on his face. I sighed and he finally glanced at me.

"Dad I'm..." "What the hell was that Lauren? Your 14 not 18! I did not expect this from you! You said last night when you asked to go to this party it was at your friends, that it was a little get together with your friends. That boy was way older than you Lauren and you were kissing him!" He screamed to me in anger. I hid my face in shame.

"Why did you do this?" He asked abit calmer. "I don't know...I just...I'm turning 15 tomorrow and...I just wanted to take a risk" I mumbled into my hands. "Well that was very stupid. If I wasn't the one to call the cops and be there to take you home you would have gone to a holding cell that would feel just like jail and I would have to pay to get you out." I sighed again.

"You know none of your other sisters ever did this..." "Maybe I don't want to be compared to them?!" I exploded, looking up, my dad gave me a hard core stare. "They are your sisters, I am your father, I will do what I want. Your grounded for a week, tomorrow when we go to the beach you are to stay home and clean"

I looked at him in shock "WHAT!?" I screamed at him "You heard me!" He screamed back. I angerly crossed my arms. "Now go up to your room and straight to bed" He said, putting the car in park. I angerly opened the door and jumped out, slamming it shut and stomping into the house, slamming the front door shut too.

This sucks!

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