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Oliva Hart: age 16

With an eye for details and a neck for observation, Oliva isn't much for words but prefers depending on actions to speak to her. A socially awkward girl, she avoids any confrontation and problems like the plague, yet she knows how to mask her weaknesses and portray them as her strengths.

Kayden Ashford: age 21

A hot-tampered guy who only understands the language of violence. Angry at the world he was born, he channels this anger towards people around him who he doesn't consider family leaving him isolated from the rest. He considers distance his best friend, yet when push comes to shove and family is involved he's there for them.

Wesley Ashford: age 24

He is the glue that ties the family together. The balance between Kayden's crazy and Enrique's over compos mentis behavior. Forced to be the balance between both his brothers from a very young age he now claims this to be his identity. He's their stability and they're his support.

Enrique Ashford: age 26

Void of any emotions he ever possesses, all that is left to him is his goal-oriented nature. A calculative manipulator when need be and compassionate support his siblings can rely on whenever the time strikes.      

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