Dirty Eleanor+Danielle Imagine *Not Mine*

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Today, Eleanor, Danielle and I decided to have a “slumber party”. I drove over to Eleanor’s and brought popcorn and a bunch of movies ranging from Scary-Romantic. Danielle brought over face masks and her i-pod dock. Since we were spending the night at Eleanor’s she was just in charge of blankets, pillows and giving us somewhere to sleep. 

“Hey y/n, what movies did you bring?” asked Eleanor coming over and plopping down onto the couch beside me. “Well, I brought a few,” I reached down into my bag and grabbed all the movies, “I brought, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Jeepers Creepers, Friends with Benefits, Ted, The Notebook, LOL, My Sister’s Keeper..” 

“OUH! I wanna watch Jeepers Creepers! I know it’s old, but I haven’t watched it before. Liam was kind of afraid to watch it haha,” Danielle ran in the kitchen from making pop corn. “Yeah, pop it into the DVD player y/n!” Eleanor told me. I gave her the look that said ‘what do you say..?’ “Please!” she asked and smiled. I got up and ran to pop in the dvd. 

“Hey, El, where do you keep all the blankets? I’ll go grab one” Eleanor looked at me, smirking, “scared y/n? haha, go up the stairs, down the hall and the closet on the left” “I need a freaking map for this house,” I mumbled.. “Hey, I heard you” Eleanor looked at me and grinned. She reminded me so much of Louis. I ran up the stairs and when I got to the closet, my phone vibrated in my pocket. *New Text Message* From: Harry :) ‘hey babe, what r u up to?’  Harry was on tour with the lads and I guess the were finished a concert for the night. I quickly texted him back. ‘hey, just at el’s with dani. watchin a movie. yourself?’ I grabbed the blaket and ran back into the living room. Frankly, watching this scary movie and turning my back to that dark hallway made me think someone was following me.. 

“Ha! I so knew you were scared. You looked like you were running away from something y/n, come sit by el-el and you won’t be so scared,” Eleanor sounded like she was talking to a child and pouting her lip out like that. “Hey Eleanor, shut up.” “Ohhh! Burn! Haha,” chimed in Danielle. Oh god I love these girls. “It wasn’t much of a burn..” Eleanor retorted. “Hey El, your phone is ringing,” I told her, I heard it over on the coffee table. “Shit!” She stumbled out of the blanket, tripped and landed beside the coffee table. She got up and grabbed her phone. “Wow, all that for just a text, but Louis said he wants to Skype. He told me he knew you guys were here and that Liam and Harry also wanted to join in.” Oh snap, Harry! I grabbed my phone out of my pocket. 

*new text message* From: Harry :) ‘sounds fun.. wanna Skype?’ Ha, I guess when I didn’t text back he asked Lou to text El. I texted him back. ‘yeah, I miss you!” I put my phone away while Eleanor ran up to grab the laptop. Danielle and I were having a little small talk when Eleanor ran back downstairs. “Say hi to the girls, lads!” “Hey babe! I miss you!” I saw Liam and he was waving at Danielle. “Hey Li!” 

After about an hour of skyping with the boys, all while sexting Harry, we were getting bored but didn’t want to stop talking. While Danielle was arguing with the boys about how she resembles Leona Lewis (which she does) Eleanor leaned into my ear and whispered, “hey, I know you have been sexting Harry this whole time. I’ve actually been sexting Lou also.. if you’re in do you want to give them a little show?” I looked at her and nodded. She inclined her head towards mine and her lips brushed against mine. Everything went silent. “Holy shit, El and y/n..” I heard Louis and smiled into the kiss, deepening it. Danielle pushed the laptop back so the boys could see everything. She layed herself and me and pulled my top off. I stole a quick glance at Dani and she was stripping for Liam. Harry and Lou’s eyes were glued to Eleanor and I. While Eleanor was kissing me she slowy made her way down my body. Stopping and giving me small love bites in random places on my body. She kissed along the waist band of my Lulu Lemon’s and slid them down my legs.  I wasn’t wearing any underwear.. Eleanor’s tongue plunged inside me. Moving in and out and all over. All I could think of was Harry though. I snuck another glance at Danielle to see that she was fingering herself. Holy shit she can move fast. I thought. I hit my climax screaming Harry’s name. I looked down at El and wanted to repay the favor. “It’s okay love, I fingered myself the entire time. Already climaxed. Haha” It was awesome. None of this was weird. I looked over to Danielle to see her also finished. We all looked to the laptop to see all the lads with their eyes closed moaning each of our names. Holy shit that’s hot. The boys finished jacking off, and we all said our goodbye’s, I love you’s and blowing kisses. 

The girls and I finished our movie marathon and washed off our face masks. We ate all the popcorn. Eleanor and Danielle fell asleep beside me. I was just drifting off to sleep when my phone vibrated. I opened the message to see it was from Harry, reading it with only one eye it read *new message* From: Harry :) ‘hey babe! ur amazing and beautiful. just wanted to say so! I had fun tonight.. I got my wish afterall. I can’t wait to see you. I have a surprise for you also! But good night my lovely, I love you! xx’ I smiled at the message and closed my eyes. Tonight is a night that you can’t easily forget. Not that I want to.. With thoughts of my “surprise” and what it could be, I drifted off into a sound sleep next to my two bestfriends.