Chapter Thirty-Three

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It was morning, and I woke up to a soft honk of a car. It must have been from down the street because it was Loud enough to wake a light sleeper, but soft enough to let someone keep sleeping. I opened my eyes, which took a long lifetime. My vision was blurred as I looked around the soft browns until I could see well again. The tele was still on, now showing Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. I giggled and watched a minute or two of the rangers morphing and jumping to explosions before I finally awoke. I reached for the remote that was on the armrest of the sofa and turned off the Tele. I stretched as I noticed Jaime still sitting, well sleeping, next to me with Vlad on his chest.

Vic and Hope had arrived a few twenty minutes after the call and handed me my stuff: some clothes, toiletries, my cat, his food, his bedding, pajamas, and underwear plus a few other random things. They had looked at Jaime, sleeping, and giggled in a normal voice level about how he was such a heavy sleeper. Afterwards, they left, which gave me time to set my two suitcases in Jaime's spare bedroom and watch some tele and obviously fall asleep.

I realized I was still looking at Jaime; his semi-long locks were poking out from his head as he purred softly. Slowly as I looked around and noticed I was still in my "party" clothes, I decided to shower. I slowly made my way around the couch, past the small minibar,through the hallway, past his small rec studio and stood infront of the bathroom that stood beside the guest room door, before the end of the hallway to Jaime's room. I decided to grab some pink underwear from my suitcase and then trodded to the bathroom. I turned on the hot water as I undressed, then stepped in. After the water was the right amound of hot and cold, I proceeded to wash all the gross party grime from my body. After I was Done, I grabbed my towl, dried my body, put my pantys on and reached for some pajamas when I realized I didn't grab any clothes or a bra to put on. I ran my hand through my wet hair a sighed, "dang it,"

I wrapped my pink towel around me and opened the door. I peeked through it hoping Jaime would still be asleep. He seemed to be awake, and in his room. I took the advantage of this and scurried out the bathroom, closed it and began to shuffle to the guest room, when Jaime appeared behind me.

"Good Morning, Gorgeous," he said from his doorway. I could sense a small smile creeping onto his lips.

I made sure my towel was on well enough as I turned around, and smiled, "Morning, Prince!"

He was leaning against the wall with just a white v-neck on under his casual hooded jacket and some black jeans; his hair was also wet. I realized I was looking at him from top to bottom, so I looked away and hid my face with my hair.

"You look refreshed," he said, as I peered from under my hair. He was doing the same to me; looking at me completely.. In a towel. I could feel the tention on my part as my heart pulsed under my rib cage.

He slowly approached me, and pushed the hair out of my face and placed it behind my ear,"how'd you sleep?" He said softly. As if someone was asleep in the house. I looked down and began to blush at the way he looked at me, "I slept alright, my neck hurts from sleeping in the couch though,"

He began to pout, "why didn't you go to bed?" He placed his hand on my cheek and looked around on my face.

I smiled, "I didn't want to leave you there, all by yourself,"

He began to smile again as a drop of water escaped his locks that hung over his forehead. It crashed onto my nose and I giggled nervously, wiping the droplet off. He smiled as I did this and took the time to shake his hair over me like a wet dog. I laughed and only covered my face as the water droplets landed on my arms and hands. When I put my arms down, he grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him. My heart skipped a beat.

He was tantalizing me.

He kissed my collar bone, his lips slowly tracing up my neck. I tried my best not to whimper with pleasure. He kissed up to my cheek and smiled lustfully and innocently, "go get dressed; I'm taking out out to breakfast. I already called to say that you weren't working today or tomorrow. Your spending time with me and with the boys,"

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