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(Takes place in 1909, a continuation to the episode Steampunx 6 years prior.
Credits to the Disney Television Animation and the original creators.)

"No stay away!! AHH!!!" "Come here lady!"

The previously quite nights were no more since 6 years ago. Now silenced screams filled the space alongside sounds of hissing steam of the 'Steampunk Era'.

"Let her go-!! Argh!!"
In a lone alleyway, a family walking home got ambushed by a group of men, some bulky while others armed at their fists. Two of them held the woman's wrists, while 2 bulky thugs pinned the husband to the fences for a boxer to beat. "Stop it!! Stop!!!!" Another thug had the boy in his grip, his screams proven useless as they continue their little activity.

"Let's give this thing a go shall we?" One of the 2 men holding the mother suggested, passing a device to the boxer. He strapped it to his arm and punched the man he was beating. The the device on his wrist boosted his punch, forcing some blood out of the poor man's mouth. "Jack!! no!!" She screamed, horrified.

They all laughed, but it was quickly cut short when one of the boxers zoomed upwards screaming unexpectedly. They looked up to see a man falling down to their screaming friend, twisting their body in the fall, knocking him out and down to the ground. The man in leather responsible superhero-landed with the punch on the man's face, a gun with a hook in the other hand.

The others were shocked and confused. "What da heck? Who ar-"

They screamed and shielded their eyes from the burst of light, cylinder-like object with square ends they failed to notice was on the ground flashed the entire group. The boy with triangular-shaped head wearing a blue scarf took the opportunity to strike all of them at once one by one blind they were blinded.

The thugs noticed the boy's use of gadget, but it was beyond human understanding. Zipping a man as fast as a bullet, use of gravity for that straight knockout, sudden flash of assumed thunder, that fear of the unexpectacting was the source of their state of off-guard. The boy's moves also weren't at any level of street fighting, the thugs couldn't cope with his swiftness. Counter-swing, double attacks, flying punches after kicks and swift dodging.

With the final act of breaking the last brute's arm, the young man stopped to catch his breathes. He went to the injured father and help him up, bringing him to his crouching family. "He's gonna be okay. Get him home and cleaned wound, then let him rest."

They were surprised to see the vigilante they were warned about helping them, but they were grateful. "Thank you kind sir." He gave them his confident smile. However, hearing another scream, an ear-piercing one, his expression changed to horror and anger. He turned to them. "Get off the streets, now!!" The family took off as the vigilante in blue scarf took out his gun and shoot it upwards, grappling away to the crime scene.... To the family's eyes, it looked as if he just a magic gun that shoots out rope and pulled him with it.

The young man dropped down into the alleyway, quickly blocking his nose from the smell of the unusual fumes. He got up and approached the elder sir laying in the puddle of his own blood. He knew the man, as the tie, hat, and case rolled from his hand gave it away. Professor Elemental chose him to inspect one of his machines back at the first World Fair 6 years prior.

He moved his left arm to make a call using a built-in telephone on his chestplate.

"Bunker Command. Found anything yet?" A boy spoke on the other side. The vigilante then replied...

"He was here, Ferb. He just left." Suspense was quickly built as he knelt next to the body. The brothers knew exactly what happened.

"Another victim killed..." The brother exhaled, the sound of pages flipping rang through the transmitter. However, the vigilante asked "Call Lieutenant Yeager." and added as he looked up, eyes filled with curiosity, anger and determination. "I have an idea on who he is."

The camera zoomed toward a house in the city with built-in steam inventions, the sound of machete being wiped clean rang alongside the loud steam.

The Murderer has finally flawed...

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