Chapter 2

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A blurry black and white scaffold. A woman was tied to it, her entire body drenched in blood. The fancy clothes that she had worn as a noble were unrecognizable, and the angry onlookers continued to scream at her.

"Die! Die!"

"You villainess!"


A rock was thrown from somewhere and hit her head.


A vibrant red liquid trickled down her face, but no one pitied her. Everyone was cursing at her, their faces full of anger.

"Do you have any last words?" Asked the emperor who stood in front of the scaffold. He had once been her husband, but now there was only cold hate reflected in his eyes.

The Emperor spoke in a bitter voice, "The Marquis...your father and your brothers died. All because of you!"


"They all worried about you to their last breath. They begged for your life to be spared." At those words, grief and regret filled her eyes. But it was too late.

"Apologize to them in hell."

The Emperor coldly announced her death. And the gruesome guillotine fell on her neck.


Then the scene changed to a black and white surgery room. The doctors were looking at the patient with frustrated expressions. "The spleen ruptured! The blood pressure is too low!"

"What about transfusion?!"

"We're already transfusing more blood in. But the bleeding is too fast." Their eyes shook. The patient's condition was already very poor. Could they still save this person?

And it was then! As the door to the surgery room opened, a woman entered. "How's the patient?" She was a petite, frail-looking woman.
She looked like someone who would faint at the sight of blood...

But the doctors who looked at her made strange expressions.

"Professor!" They had the faces of people who had found their savior. The woman asked in a calm voice, "Preparation for the surgery has been finished, right? How's the BP?"

"It's at 60."

A critical condition of shock. But the woman nodded her head without a single sign of emotion.

"Chief Kim."

"Yes? Yes, professor!"

"Why are you so nervous?"

"Well...the patient's current state..."

And the woman smiled at his words. It was a smile that made onlookers relieved.

"Chief Kim. What do we have to do now?"


"Go ahead, say it."

"After we open the stomach, we have to stop the point of bleeding. And according to the level of damage done, we have to determine what to do next."

The woman nodded like it was nothing.

"Correct. You're right. That's what we'll do."


"Listen well. From now, we're gong to be saving this patient. The condition isn't that good...but i believe that we can save this patient. Don't you think so too?"

"...Yes, I do."

At her calm and steady words, the doctors started to calm down from their state of nervousness. She was right, they could save the patient.
They could save any patient as long as they were with this frail-looking but strong woman.

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