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Moments made to cripple,
Hindrances handmade,
Cruel compulsions,
Bashful bombardment,

Tailored to fit all,
One commonality,
Amongst us,
Judgmental as we are,

A beast,
No one can escape,
No one can defeat,
No one can live with,

Or at least,
We deceived ourselves,
Into thinking,
A lesson was an insult,

We hate criticism,
We hate reminders,
We hate,
Our own weakness,

But such is,
The lives we lead,
Such is,
Our cognition,

It may be time,
For some alterations,
To this tailored,
Crippling process,

Face the beast,
Stare down,
Its maw,
Its claws,

Endure it,
Absorb it,
Heal it,
Stand up,

Continue on,
Be loud,
Be confident,
Be unashamed,

For we all,
Face the beast,
With frequency,
And eventually,


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