Chapter 6

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"S-someone on the p-phone claims to have found Vanessa Amara De Luca."

Dead. Drop. Silence.

No one said a word. Everyone simply gazed at Mrs. Andrea Malton with disbelief and hope in their eyes.

"What?!" The voices of everyone filled the room.

"Phone!" barked Viktor. "Now!"

With a stunned expression, Mrs. Malton handed the phone to her boss as her best friend and sons looked on in disbelief.

"Hello? Is this Mr. De Luca?"

"Yes. What is the meaning of this?" Viktor growled in a menacing tone.

"Sir, my name is Adrian Carter. We received a call saying that Amberly Seilla Vacker was involved in a fatal car accident and passed away before the ambulance could arrive. We were informed that your daughter was in her custody. My partner, Patrica, and I went to collect Vanessa Amara De Luca to inform her of the unfortunate news. We discovered that she was physically abused."

"What?! That woman abused my daughter!" Viktor roared, his eyes flashing with anger.

His family couldn't hear what the officer was saying, but they heard Viktor's response, and his wife, Felicity, tightened her grip on Viktor's arm.

His sons were equally as furious. Xander punched the glass, shattering it instantly, while Xavier ground his teeth in anger. Angelo was more shocked, while his two eldest sons, Alessandro and Matteo, both glared at everything they saw in an attempt to regain control over their rage.

"Sir, Miss Vanessa De Luca is in the hospital receiving medical attention for her injuries. If you would like to take Vanessa back to Italy, or should I inform the social worker to put her in the system?"

"Of course, I want my baby princess back!" Viktor snarled.

Before he could listen to Officer Adrian Carter's reply, Felicity snatched the phone from Mrs. Malton. "Is my baby okay? Please tell me she's alright," she begged.

"Miss, I am unsure of the extent of Vanessa's injuries, but I must ask when will you be coming to collect her?"

"As soon as possible! Mrs. Malton, get our private jet ready for us to reach... I'm sorry, but you haven't mentioned where my girl is," Felicity asked, ignoring the concerned expressions of her sons.

"We are in London, miss," Officer Adrian Carter informed her.

Felicity turned to her best friend, "London," she said, and Mrs. Malton nodded in understanding, replying quickly, "On it," before leaving the room.

The required address of the hospital was provided by Officer Adrian Carter before he ended the call.

"Does anyone want to stay?" Felicity asked.

"Fuck no!" the men snapped in unison.

"Great. Then it's settled. We are all going to London," Felicity smirked at the reply of her men and then glanced at her gold watch. "Fifteen minutes. Now go!"

The boys scattered across the room in excitement, leaving Felicity and Viktor alone. "Is she okay?" Viktor asked in a worried tone.

"I don't know," Felicity replied, nervously, nibbling her bottom lip. "Viktor, I really don't know."


"Are you sure of this information, son?" Casper Giovanni De Luca, the former don, inquired with a concerned tone.

"Yes, Father," Viktor replied with conviction. "We received the call just fifteen minutes ago. I immediately asked Andrea to run a background check on Mr. Ardian Carter, but so far there doesn't seem to be anything concerning. Nonetheless, I instructed Mrs. Malton to keep digging."

The De Luca family were flying to London on their private jet, eager to reunite with their beloved daughter, Vanessa. After receiving the news of her discovery, Viktor informed his parents and watched as his mother, Anthena Sofia De Luca, erupted with a mixture of joy and anger upon learning of the abuse she endured. His father, the once powerful Italian don, also shared a similar reaction.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be landing in London in ten minutes, please fasten your seatbelts," the pilot's voice crackled over the intercom.

Upon landing, a sleek black limousine was waiting for them. To ensure their safety, Viktor instructed his men to follow closely behind.

The ride to the hospital was filled with silence as each member of the family was consumed by their thoughts. They wondered what condition Vanessa was in, and if they were finally going to see her after nine long years.

Were they going to finally see Vanessa?

What condition was she even in?

Viktor took a deep breath before striding into the massive hospital building, with his wife and sons following closely behind.

They finally were getting to see their daughter after nine long years.

Nine fucking long years.

Nine years- and today was the day those nine years of searching would end.


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