Cry Wolf Part 3

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I woke up with something heavy and warm wrapped around my waist. I blinked open my eyes and turned my head. Bigby was pressed against my back and his arm was tightly wrapped around my waist. I was actually close to sweating from the heat he gave off. Half my mind told me to cuddle up to him. The other half told me to get up and start packing. I sighed and decided to get up. I slowly removed his arm from around my waist and stood up from the bed without disturbing Bigby too much. I went to the bathroom to the bathroom and cleaned myself up and put on some clothes. When I left the bathroom I looked back at Bigby and smiled. The red around his eyes had disappeared during the night. I sighed and went to my closet, getting the duffle bag out. I put it on the ground and started putting my clothes in it. I had one shelve left. The top one and I could only reach it with a chair... Getting a chair would make too much noise and wake Bigby up. I stood on my tip toes and tried to reach for the clothes.

"Damn." I whispered. I tensed when two hands wrapped around my waist. Suddenly I was lifted off the ground, making me tall enough to take the clothes from that shelve.

"Good morning." Bigby said as he put me back on the ground.

"Good morning." I said, smiling at him before I put the clothes in my bag.

"Already packing, huh?" He said from behind me. I nodded and put my hands in my pocket. We awkwardly stared at each other.

"Uh, I'll make us some breakfast." I said and shuffled from foot to foot.

"I'll go change my clothes." We nodded and parted ways. My heart was racing and my breath came out short. Bigby entered the kitchen when I was ready with making us breakfast. He sat down at the table and I gave him his plate. I took mine and sat down in front of him. We talked about little things, trying to forget I was leaving. But when we were done with breakfast it was time to leave. I took my duffle bag and put it on my shoulder. Abby walked next to me. Bigby followed me out the door and I locked it behind us. We walked to the elevator in complete silence, both deep in thought. When we rode the elevator, I saw him rub his eyes.

"Still tired?" I said and he nodded while groaning. The elevator opened and we stepped out. We had to go to the office first. Bigby had put a cigarette between his lips and lit it. Auntie Greenleaf and a guy with a frog cap on. Greenleaf stopped in front of us with a birdcage and a crow in it. Bigby bent through his knees to look at the crow.

"Not what I was expecting..." Bigby said and started smirking. "Morning, Crooked Man." The crow crowed in answer.

"He's got a sharp tongue." Greenleaf said while looking at Bigby. "I thought it would be better for everyone if he parted with it." He stood up and smiled while passing by.

"Thanks Greenleaf." I said and Bigby nodded. I frowned however when I heard Greenleaf's said voice.

"Work is work I guess." We stopped walking and looked at Auntie Greenleaf.

"Hey Sheriff." The man with the frog cap said. "Morning Miss Singer."

"Morning." I said and smiled a little at the man. He had a soft and kind voice. A good man from what I could tell. Abby seemed to like him as well because she didn't growl at him.

"I...don't know if you remember me..." The man said as he looked at Bigby. Or I think so because his eyes were covered with his hair... My eyes trailed up at his cap...don't tell me that his eyes are the cap.

"I know who you are, Flycatcher. You've worked at the Woodlands many years now?" Bigby said. The man scratched the back of his neck.

"Heh. I think I've lost count." Flycatcher entered the elevator and held a hand out to stop the doors from closing. "You gonna come see the truck off? We're leaving for the Farm in a few... Thought you might want to, I don't know..."

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