11: Little Benji

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I had finished cleaning up the apartment shortly after Monty left and was now sprawled on the couch flipping through the tv attempting to find anything to occupy myself. 

I groaned standing up  crossing the room to the fridge looking for something to munch on. My eyes skimmed the bright colored packages of junk food, but nothing looked good enough to satisfy my cravings. 

I paced around not really knowing what to do. Everything just seemed lack luster right now. Glancing out the window the sky was grey, rain threatening to come down at a moments notice. 

I had always loved rainy days. Always a sense of calm in them. 

I grabbed my wallet and coat, an irresistible urge to go get some fresh air came over me plus the idea seemed better then pacing around my lonely little apartment right now. 

Strolling out of the apartment I made my way down the hall, the main lobby was crowed with guest but it seemed like more staff then usual were busily darting around.  

 It wasn't till I reached the elevator after weaving through the crowds of people that I saw Samari talking to a man, he seemed tensed and frantic his hands waving through the air. Samari shoulders were tense her knuckle white from clenching the clipboard at her side. 

Turning my attention back trying not to be nosy I focused on the numbers slowly passing by as the elevator moved between floors. 

"Y/N!" I turned to see Samari jogging over. The closer she got the more prevalent her exhaustion was, deep purple bags rested under her blood shot eyes and her hair which was usually groomed into a perfect bun was a now mess.

"Hey, Samari everything alright?" I replied cautiously. 

"Not really. Have you seen a kid around black hair, green eyes wearing a red t-shirt and tan shorts?" 

I shook my head, my brow furrowing confused. "Uh no, can't say I have what happened is he missing?" 

Samari nodded letting out a deep sigh, she yanked her hands over her head laying the many loose hairs back down.

 "Yeah, he snuck out of the daycare somehow. His dad just finished ripping me a new one." Samari groaned in defeat. "You heading out?"

"Yeah, needed some fresh air but if you want me to stay, I can help look around with you."

"Nah," She waved at me. " We have the whole team looking for him and I am going to triple check the cameras to see if I can spot where he ran off too, just enjoy the rest of your day. If you see anything though don't hesitate to call it in." 

I gave her a small wave as she turned to leave and I stepped into the elevator. 

I hope that little boy is ok. If he was in daycare that meant he was younger than seven and the thought of getting lost in the plex was scary even for me let alone a kid that young.

I moved quickly through the plex lost in thought barley remembering to give Stephen the guard a wave goodbye as I left through the main doors.

Outside the wind had an icy chill that nipped at my cheeks making them sting. As soon as I reached the car I flicked on the heater to full blast, settling into the seat before heading out of the lot.

I had drove aimlessly for some time, enjoying the sound of soft pattering of rain on the roof of the car, before settling on small café nestled in the strip of dainty shops i noticed the small music shop I had visited before only a few doors down.  

Parking, I half jogged through the door, the small bell above chiming as I stepped in. Yellow lights enveloped the café in a warm inviting glow. The strong smell of coffee and baked pastries was heavenly. 

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